Saturday, July 12, 2014

Schemie, Till We Meet Again

Hey, little manser.  It’s been 3 years now since I held you last.  It seems like yesterday that I lay on the floor and sobbed over your suddenly lifeless body.  A light went out that day.

I won’t post another tribute to best boy.  I’ve done that once.  Or twice or…  But I thank you.  For what you gave me.  (ok, became another tribute...)
You, with your unflagging love and loyalty to each rescued little girl I brought home. 

You taught Britty there was far more to life than being tied to a tree and neglected.  You taught her to trust.


When Britty left, you seemed lonely to me.  An "only dog-child" for years, you really loved your guardian role.  So, after a search, I found you a timid sister.  One to protect. 

Sweet precious Berry.  Bounce-back rescued greyhound.  Life dealt her a shitty hand.  Yet you stayed with her, protected her, guided her, loved her until she went to the Bridge, hurried along by DM and undetermined causes.


So at 15, for your birthday, 6 months after Berry went to the bridge, I adopted another black greyhound.  Little DeeDee. 

Macho man now took in stride she was taller than he.  And, like a champ, you did what you did with your other girls.  Protected her on small walks, at that point, showed her how wonderful home life is.  She is the princess now, because of you.


Yet 1 ½ months later, you left us.  Perhaps your heart said “I’m just tired now.  I’ve done my job.”  Perhaps you were content that Dee was here and you taught her what you knew, mama would not be alone and it was time to retire to the Bridge.

I’ll never know.  All I know is I was blessed to spend over 15 years with the most incredible little man ever!
I’ll see you one day.  Of that, I am convinced. 

Please give my loving to Cyrus, Sheba, Sasha, Britty, BerBer and Smokey Bear.

And more to my friends who are new to the bridge.  Show them around and make them smile.
Love you,
p.s.  Stop chasing Smokey!!  Oh, wait till mama gets there, mister!
We suffer heartaches over the years.  Sometimes the holes left by those we've loved and lost are enormous.  But our hearts, when filled with love and giving, can patch those holes, slowly and with time.  Perhaps with thin lace, where holes still exist.

But we can heal the hurt by saving another from hurt.

Who knew one little black, flea-ridden, backyard-born and unwanted pup could become this incredible little man and teach this message.

Thanks, Bember!!

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