Friday, July 4, 2014

Radar The Paintar

As we travel on this journey of life we live, our paths cross the souls of many others.

Some depart, on their own paths, leaving a vague, fading memory. 

Some depart, leaving nothing at all.

But some, the greatest souls, depart, often too soon, leaving such an indelible print on our hearts and in our minds, as to never be forgotten.

Today, we lost one such friend. 

Radar the Paintar, you, with the paint-splattered booties and jaunty beret, the saucy little smile and the gentle soul touched more lives than you can imagine.


As paintar extraordinaire, as therapy dog, as friend and as beloved child.

Today, Independence Day, marks your independence from pain, sweet boy.

Today, you reunite with your friends.

Today, you are welcomed by the loving group at the bridge.


Forever, you are remembered.

Shine bright, beautiful star.

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings...

Rest in Peace, sweet Radar



arne said...

There's no comment needed, necessary or desired. This has said it all. Thanks, Nancy for speaking from the soul to all our souls.

Cindy Duffala said...

Beautifully said! Thank you for making tears fall again!
It's amazing the tears I have cried the past couple days. I never met Radar, but I think we all feel like we knew him.
How awesome for his parents to know the lives he has touched all over the world!

Nancy said...

Thanks. He will always be larger than life.

Rocky, Lady an David said...

Last night we culd not Moon Howl for ower fwend Radar, der sadness wus too much an ownlee soft wimpers eemurged.
Tonite, wiv our hearts filled wib happee memorees ob Radar wee wils giv rise tuh such a Howl der hairs on ower necks will shiver.
Tho wee haf yet tuh meet, yoo did givs us Larfs, wee stayred in wondur at yor paintarings, an yor wurk wib duh sick peepul didus awl pwoud. <3

Wee will twy an soooov yor famblys greef an turn dere forts tuh happeer times wen smiles wur yoosed insted ob teers

Hail Radar, Greythound <3