Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Day My World Shattered

Today I lost my best friend.  The best friend I have ever known.  Today I lost my sweet, beautiful Schemie.  My life.

He grew from a 10 week old, 10 pound puppy, full of insane energy, to a 60 pound, 15 year old handsome lad, slower in step but with that same happy playfulness.  From puppy training last-in-class (how do you mess that up?  Oh yeah, pottying on the floor every class when the instructor spoke to you) to obedience training superstar, he proved himself to be the smartest, most gorgeous boy ever.

Sweet Schemie, you treated each new sister I brought home so graciously.  Always letting them enter and exit the house first.  I know this was for fear of being run over, but you accepted that and adapted and it was quite gentlemanly.  First darling Britty, then precious Berry and now happy, bouncy Dee Dee.  Each was your sissy to you and I know you loved them.  And I think you secretly loved Smokey too.  He was so much fun to chase.

Through all the trials, the surgeries (his and mine), the road trips to Indiana and Michigan, unwrapping Christmas presents, Frisbee tosses and all of life’s joys and tragedies, we were side by side.  Always.

Little man, you brought so much joy and happiness into my life.  I was so very lucky to have you in my life for 15 beautiful years.

Love of my life, center of my world…..  sleep little angel.  Watch over your sisters until I see you again.

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