Friday, July 25, 2014

Thinking About Luck And Choices

Life is strange.  Don’t get me wrong.  I prefer it over the alternative at the moment.  And yes, rather early to be contemplative for me.  Just thinking about how things turn out.

If I hadn’t taken a leap of faith and taken a job as a contractor at WFA, I would not have met some very important people to me. 

Had it not ended after the mandatory 18 months, I would not have been able to spend the last quality months with the love of my life, Schemie.

Had I not done a good job at WFA, both my project managers there would not have wanted to bring me back.

Had I not accepted Shelly’s offer at Xerox to work with her and Lee again, I would have been hesitant to bring in a fresh off the track rescue, Dee, and help her acclimate to home life with the best teacher, Schemie. 

I would have missed the final days of my boy’s life, being able to be near him whenever.

I would not have adopted another fresh off the track dork, Craigie, and help him learn inside vs. outside.  We still need to work on the no digging holes thing, though...

I would never have been able to adopt one darling little flowerpot galga, Neska and help her learn and become spoiled.  Who takes after her brother in digging holes...

I would never have been able to spend a year, caring for my Smokey Bear, taking him twice a week for fluids and holding him as we said our farewells.

All those “if I had hadn'ts” and “what ifs” led to the newest leap of faith.  Which came at a fortuitous time, I guess.

One of my brothers used to say someone “stepped in shit”.  Meaning they got lucky.

(I do all the time on poop patrol and don’t find that remotely lucky.  Maybe it’s like  the “even a blind squirrel..”?  He has lots of odd sayings...)


Huh, guess I “stepped in shit” again.


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