Saturday, May 27, 2017

Is There No End to the Greed of the Industry?

I'll admit, I'm fed up with the abuse visited on these gentle beings.  I just passed fed up to royally pissed.

           (The words are mine, but the photos and comments are courtesy of Michael and CAGED.)

I’m grateful for diligent researchers, digging into the Chinese “racing” (killing) experiment.  With the lack of welfare coming out of a country with so many issues, there would never be an expectation of a racing greyhound ever being re-homed (which means homed for the first time).

Doing a silent burn is unhealthy and tonight I saw a post of a greyhound from Orlando Florida fugging-USA exported to PAKISTAN??

Australia banned exports to China, yet they are still being exported.  Reason Kennels?

There is a standard mantra the industry teaches “We love our dogs”.  “They get steaks and sleep in our house”. 

Except when we sell them off to foreign countries?

Breeders, owners and trainers.  Those are the ones making the deals with suspect countries.  Those are the ones pocketing the money.  And the greyhounds they export?  What do they pocket?

Certain death.

No welfare and zero homing efforts are in place.  And yet, to make a couple extra thousand, they ship off the dogs they boast they love.

I yell horseshit on that!

Take a long look at these young, gentle dogs, sent to their death.

Their only fault was their breeders and trainers wanted more money.  Greedy and too lazy to work for a living like the rest of us.

Those against racing are accused of killing off the breed by ending racing.  Looks like the pro-industry tools are doing that on their own... 

There is a special place in hell for those sub-human assholes. 

You will rot and burn there.

I'm sorry, angels.  You deserved far better than what those shits gave you.

Farloe Warhawk:

“BRITISH raced dog FARLOE WARHAWK is in mainland China, this greyhound who was born in Ireland came to the UK and raced at Belle Vue, Monmore Green, Wimbledon, Sheffield, Henlow, Swindon and Coventry under the care of trainer BARRY DRAPER. Farloe Warhawk won 24 of the 34 open races he raced in making him one of the UK's biggest earners for his owner. How did they repay Farloe Warhawk they sent him to CHINA !!!!!!!!”

 Another forced...  Droopy

“We have found another Droopys dog in mainland China, this time it's Droopys Magnus who seems to have nearly all his data removed from nearly all Irish data bases. As seen in the stud book the previous owner was Michael Dunphy that's 2 Droopys we have found so far connected to Mr Dunphy”

Winsom and Simple Snacks:

“We have a New Zealand born male greyhound called Winsome Opawa who exported to Australia and is now at stud in mainland China along with the Australian born girl Simple snacks, they have had at least one litter that we know of how many more we could never guess. The Australian racing industry has alot to answer for especially helping the greyhound breeding industry thrive in mainland China.”

Black Spiral:

“This beautiful old boy has been flagged up as being used as stud in mainland China, black greyhound 12 year old boy Black Spiral on the right of the picture is all over the Chinese sales forum as stud even going under another name. What a cruel way to treat an old dog.”

Winsome Gun:

“Winsome Gun is another Australian greyhound that had been shipped to mainland China for stud.”

 TX’s Dallas:

 “This is the father of many greyhounds that have been bred in Pakistan, he was exported after racing in Orlando USA. The traceability of these dogs is disappearing and it shows how greedy the breeders and trainers really are. There is no doubt this dog is long passed now but hid bloodline will continue in a country with zero welfare laws whatsoever to protect them.

 Large Razor:

“Today's exported greyhound to China is 3 year old brindle boy Large Razor, this is another greyhound exported from Australia to mainland China”

Zambora Ace:

“Zambora Ace is the next greyhound we have found in mainland China being used for breeding. Could the Azzopardi brothers place come on here and tell us why the hell is their 7 year old greyhound in China”


“This is 8 year old Australian born greyhound Rectifier, he is being advertised for stud in mainland China yet another of what appears a long list of greyhounds that have been exported to China”


“Here is Australian born black male 6 year old greyhound Rashad being used as stud in mainland China. How many the Australian greyhound trainers & breeders have sent to China is unknown but what we do know is there will be a direct DNA link between these exports and the greyhounds being rescued from the dog meat industry”

White Dragon:

“Another Australian greyhound being used for stud in mainland China, this time the dog in question is 10 year old White Dragon to which the Chinese breeders are boasting 70 matings from Jan 2017 to July 2016 we can't imagine how many more this dog has been used for.”



“Another Australian greyhound to be exported to mainland China this time it's the 8 year old Greyhound Deville who after earning his owner plenty of cash has ended up being used as a breeding machine in China. Would Chris Johnson like to tell us why his dog has been sent to a country that has zero welfare laws and actively takes the consumption of said animal.”

Premier Style:

“What is their fate ? These are the offspring of Australian greyhound 'Premier Style' at a breeding facility in Hebei Province, Pa City, Shengfang Town. With all these greyhounds now in Mainland China it explains why so many have been found lately within the cruel dog meat trade.”

Dyna Tron:

 “This is 8 year old greyhound 'Dyna Tron' bred by the 'The Wheelers' in Australia and offspring of the 'Collision' bloodline. Dyna Tron is the second greyhound we have found today bred by 'The Wheelers' that has been exported to mainland China for breeding.”

Allen Lennox:

“This is how an Australian trainer/breeder thanks a 'top class sprinter' they ship him off to mainland China for stud, brindle greyhound Allen Lennox is 9 years old and can be seen mating a female only yesterday in picture 2.”


“Practically still puppies and the Irish trainers and breeders are selling them off to Pakistan!!
On average 6hrs caged in a van to the airport, then 6hrs crated in the cargo holders before another 15hrs to Pakistan, to then go to a climate where they struggle due to being temperature sensitive before being used as a machine all over again!!! These dogs are totally unprotected and are forced to endure so much suffering.”

There are a hundred or more of these pictures I could post.  So many from Australia, despite the "ban".  Your ban is mere mouthing and those scum don't fear it.

Others from the UK/IE.   

To the US?  Find the useless one who sent TX Dallas to Pakistan and revoke the license for life.

Until there is a bite for their actions, they will continue to risk these poor dogs lives.

Vile bastards.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why Does This Still Happen

(Quiet, but not dead (sorry PRs)…)

I’ve been following and supporting anti-racing for a number of years.  Not as long as others, but date me back to close to 20 years.

Little gains here and there, but overall the industry is so ingrained in the untouchable mentality and so deep in politicians’ pockets (or pick your spot), there can never be a “get out of jail card free” card for the greyhounds.

All the while industries in the US, AU, IE, UK, waltz forward, continuing what they have always done – which is abuse and put greyhounds in harm’s way and risk their lives, efforts to change that meet with lobbyists and the bought soulless. 

The industry deliberately uses them for a couple of quid or bucks.  And efforts to halt this run into obstacles.  The obstacles are not insurmountable, by any means.  But it will take time.

Yet the horror continues.

Why, after all the publicity, is Ireland still exporting greyhounds to the dog hell known as China?  There is only death there.  Death of a delicate dog.

Why, despite all the publicity of live-racing, are these loser trainers still killing dogs?    How does a trainer STARVE a dog to death??

And why on earth did this happen in Florida, where the US is supposed to be hard on animal abuse but is actually lame as hell?  

Ronnie Williams.Déjà vu

Sadly, learning doesn’t happen.  Time does not erase greed.  Time does not erase truly vile, uncaring soulless.

These dogs, if deemed worthy, are “trained” to run fast.  By nature, they are fast dogs but greed makes the desire to make them run faster.  Greed and inbreeding.  Those not good enough?  Cull those and breed some more and screw the genetics.  Oh, an osteo carrier?  Hmmm… does it run fast?

These dogs, those worthy, are kept in kennels at the tracks and race time, a muzzle strapped on and shoved into a small box at the start of the race.

And when no longer winning, depending on the country, shipped to death in China, given to blood draining universities or sent the hellhole tracks to end them.

So much time has passed one would think people would be more educated, maybe a little more kind.  It will never happen with those who know nothing else and not give up their misplaced glory and self-justification.  The well-being of the dogs so not matter to people like that.

Pack some sunscreen.  I think hell is very toasty…

Thursday, April 13, 2017

30 Years, Where Did They Go

30 years ago today, the world as I knew it vanished.  With the flip of a few switches on the machines that substituted for your vibrant life, it was over.

Those machines kept your body present until the boys could arrive, but they were not you and I’m certain not what you wanted.


30 years ago, less a week perhaps, I flew to Minneapolis to be with my mom during her surgery and to be with my dad.  She had a blocked carotid, was the diagnosis, needing to be opened.  She was released not more than a few days later.  And the world spun maniacally out of control.


30 years ago minus one day

April 12, 1987, Palm Sunday, I woke to find the house empty, a note on the table

'Mom’s having problems.  Took her to the hospital.  Be back to take you to the airport.'

I was heading back to Ohio after a "successful" surgery (NOT).  But before my flight, Dad and I raced, literally, back to the hospital.  

(I didn't see that airport again until over a year later.)

I sat with you in ER while being checked.  They wanted to insert another invasive scope into your thigh.  Your comment was “this is the shits".  Ah mama, honest and feisty always.  Vocal, outspoken but kindness, but not this time.  You were pissed.

In your private room, I sat with you while they asked to state your name and age often as time passed.  God love you, your answer stayed at 49 as your age.  Always shaving off years...

After consulting with the limited Palm Sunday staff, you had suffered a massive stroke.  Described in detail in an office while you slept and knowing there was no stopping it.  Nothing to do but watch life as I knew it change forever…

After a brief break while you slept, we walked back into your room and you’d lift your hand for me to hold and the other for daddy to hold.  We tried to make "small talk", as we had tried all day.  But always speaking as if you will be better, that we were present and that we love you

Knowing the situation passed critical hours earlier, Dad summoned the boys from IN and CO.  Fly NOW.

As time went on, I held your hand as you remained silent, hooked up to a myriad of machines.  You became unresponsive.  No longer able to speak, no longer able to move.  By the following morning, the scan showed only a spark of activity in your brain.

Those infernal machines sounded piercing noises (at least to me) and we had to leave you then, they said.  Booted out of your room while they attended to you.


30 years ago today 

We gathered the next morning in your room after decisions made.  Quietly, through tears, speaking of our eternal love.  Then the machines went quiet as they were turned off.  And last rites spoken.

I sat huddled in the corner of an aseptic ICU room, shivering and sobbing.  A giant of a heart still beat, but the soul already went to heaven - 30 years ago today.

Your final gifts ~ 2 corneal transplants giving the gift of eyesight.  Kidney transplants freeing a man from dialysis. 

Momma, I have missed you every day for the past 30 years.  I think of you every day, wishing to share my life experiences with you.  I take comfort, sorry comfort, Tommy is with you now.  Knowing one day I will be too.

Thank you for giving me life.  Thank you for the compassion and love you showered upon me.  And thank you for giving me your feisty attitude, your off-center sense of humor, your gift of word and your never give up attitude.

I’ve never stopped missing you, Mom.  Hug Tommy close to you, soul to soul. 

I love you forever.

"A smile, a hug, a laugh.  Her love is her legacy"
Barbara H. Weller
January 8, 1930 - April 13, 1987