Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, Precious Boy!

Ah, Craigie “McDigger” Dillon.  When I adopted you, my heart was still so shattered by Schemie’s death the prior month. 

You came to us because I felt DeeDee needed a brother after losing her brother.  She was so happy to see you come. 
I had forgotten just how large you were, but was reminded quickly when you came out of Aunt Sally's van....

Little did I realize then, I was the one who needed you in my life.  It didn’t take long to realize you were just what I needed.

You are still the silliest big hound I’ve ever met.  You have an unbridled joy for life and the smallest things. 

Dinner time, rump in the air, squeaking the closest toy and wagging your tail, until dinner is served.

New toys, visits from friends and the ultimate nirvana for a descendant of the McDigger clan, utter glee at the latest hole dug in my moonscape back yard.
You will always be a big, galumphing goof.  Falling into Kim and Court’s pool, tripping over your big feet, head-butting me every time I turn around.

Precious boy, I wish I had known you 6 years before I adopted you.  If I had, you would never have been tossed aside when your usefulness was done. 

Your resilience speaks volumes.  You don’t show the fright the others have.  You are just a happy go lucky kind of guy, with an ever present smile on your silly face.  It has served you well, my love.

You are my little (big) ray of sunshine and joy.  Every day.

So Craigie Dills, we both won, didn’t we.  Years yet to savor together.  And we shall celebrate you every day.

Happy 10th birthday, silly boy.  I love you to the moon and back and am blessed to share my life with you.



Friday, February 20, 2015

Life Is Never Dull When The Racing Industry Is Involved...

The racing industry suffered an earth-shattering set back this week.

As someone who has looked closely at the sport tells Meldrum-Hanna:

"Putting together animals, gambling and prize purses is a toxic mix. It's capable of turning men into monsters."

Well, yeah…  I'm not Einstein but I do know 1+1+1....

Most humans, with any sense of compassion will find this deplorable, cruel and unfeelingly fiendish.  That and just vile.

The culpable individuals need to be all found and banned for life.  Fined and jail and banned.

Because this happened in a state in AU does not mean it does not happen anywhere else where racing is legal, or a blind eye is turned to it, so US, take a look under the covers....

It should come as no surprise that I see all levels of vile in the greyhound racing industry.  From the overbreeding for the fastest (again, where are those slow pups????  Industry is silent on those.), to the confinement and lack of socialization, to the beyond suspect, but proven, training techniques, the opulent pretender awards to the callous lack of regard they have for the ones who work while they don’t.

Fallout from the exposé,

NSW bans the entire racing board.

The list of sponsors withdrawing growing.  And growing.

Rumor has it, even McGrath foundation is mouthing the words, however their ungodly link with the 'Go The Pink Dog', you know, that money raiser where several of the ill-fated dogs died racing... 
I'll cheer them when they mean it.
And, yet, because the greed must continue in this life-sucking industry, Greyhound Racing Victoria has thrown the dog hauler into reverse and says the dogs suspended in the live-baiting video can continue to race.

They can race IF “their owners signed statutory declarations which stated they had not been trained with live bait.” 

So, an unscrupulous, unethical cheat can sign a paper saying he/she knows nothing and all is rosy?

That would be less than the paper it’s written on…  Brilliant move.  Bet that works well for you.

“The GRV board had also been under intense pressure for its refusal to seize the dogs implicated in the scandal, an action taken by Racing Queensland this week.”

Let’s hope they are removed as well.

The humans involved deserve every level of punishment meted out.

Yet some good continues through this horrific revelation of truth of the industry.

The ABC exposé exposed the depravity of humans.  It exposed the sickness of those heavily involved in the industry.

It did NOT show the greyhound as they truly are.  Before greedy men/women, looking to find a quick buck/quid/whatever got their hands on them.

Never blame the dogs.  Those in the exposé nor those not yet shown.

The greyhound is a gentle, loving, loyal and playful breed.  And that is their true nature.  Those in the exposé were trained to be that aggressive.  And thus perpetrating the archaic “green collar’ stupidity that reigns in Australia.
These beautiful creatures that greedy exploit are gentle souls.
And no, the breed, to counter the mantra of the industry, will never disappear.

You don't hold that much power.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Greyhound Awards Of The Year Galas ~ What Celebration Ask The Greyhounds

I’ve never been much of an Awards Ceremony person.  When you work in I.T., well, if there were one such ceremony, I think it would be rather lame.
I ran across an award ceremony I found rather sad and sick.
I can just picture this in my mind.

Rather empty-souled people, dressing up in finery.  All paid for by the money their dogs earned for them.

Back-slapping, saying well done, bad luck you lost a few dogs.  They had promise.  Maybe the next litter will be better...

Trainer of the Year award goes to one Linda Britton.  She must have been magnificent to win that.

”Britton was sidelined from the training ranks after her star greyhound Zelemar Fever was found to have a prohibited substance in urine samples taken after she won the WA Sprint Championship and then placed third in the Group 1 National Sprint Championship last August. 


“While Zelemar Fever was disqualified from both events, Britton still managed to train 299 winners from 1,285 starters throughout 2014, a feat which saw her claim the title of leading trainer."
While disqualified, she still trained?  Wouldn’t that substance abuse thing (abuse from human, by the way.  Dogs don’t troll for drugs) make her suspect and, well, perhaps, keep her away from other dogs?
“As far as that award is concerned we don’t really have any criteria in there that we wouldn’t award it to someone that became disqualified at some point.”
And as the awards go on, one after another win and polite applause while the others think privately, that should have been my award.

In essence, a self-congratulatory narcissism love-in. 

So, they plot and plan how they can win the award and make more money next year.  Let's breed some more, experiment with meth, right Hunt?

Doping, if not caught, is, apparently an acceptable practice.

In a nutshell, no holds barred in the greyhound racing industry.

Did anyone of those moronic, narcissistic fools spare one thought for the dogs they took to vet to be euth’ed?  One damn thought for the ones they sent to the vet to be bled?

Never sparing thought for the one that broke a back beyond  the money they would no loner earn?

Probably not.  They are busy people.  They have to move on to find the next “great racer”.
I bet that was one fancy award dinner. 
Probably not one I'll DVR... 
Useless souls harming precious souls. 
Karma, baby...


Friday, January 2, 2015

I Was Born Free

There was probably a kind-hearted intent buried deep within this video.  And I am thankful they were helped by kind persons.  Truly happy they were saved.

However, the opening words on the video?
Well, to someone like me, not a great introduction. 

It stuck me as apologist.  Or...
"I was born free".  Oddly, the perfect song for the greyhounds.  Quite the dichotomy of the message from the beginning of the film, where the stream read:

"In the greyhound world I don't like to say rescue"

What the ever loving hell were they if not rescued?  The owners didn't want them.  The breeders didn't want them.  The trainers didn't want them (or were trying to get them out).  They were of no use to the industry any longer.
In some countries, they call it wastage.
What precisely do you call those dogs?  "Retired"?  I can choose my job and choose my retirement. 
These angels were bred and trained to earn a living they never chose.
How is that "retired"?

In my - OUR - greyhound world, we say the word rescue. Loudly and proudly.

Rescued.  And better for it.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

It’s Christmas Time All Over The World

In places near and far...

Or whatever people celebrate, whether Hanukkah or Kwanza or…  I hope it is a beautiful season for you.

It is a reason to celebrate what means the most to each of us.

Mine is simple.  And my wish is simple.

As I look at my rescued greyhounds and rescued galga, I pray they are all saved from the life they once lived.

Looking back over the years, the pro-racing contingency has resorted to hard ball.  Boycott the rescues who will place greyhounds in great homes. 

Screw the dogs, as they don’t matter to them.

They want to make a statement.  Be with us or be without.

All in rescue care nothing about the industry.  We care about the dogs.

So some keep quiet, walking a tightrope to pacify the overly inflated egos in the industry.

Others speak and act.  And so the recipients of the boycotts.

Industry – whoo hoo, you there with your minds in your pockets.  You forgot someone in your united effort to close off rescues.  You forgot the ones putting the butter on your damned bread.

You have completely forgotten the precious hounds.

You know them.  They seek to please.  You’ve trained them to do nothing more.

And when they no longer please?  Lock them in a kennel on a piece of plywood.

God help them, they can’t even be delivered to a rescue organization because of you, nasty industry.

While bully tactics are working for you right now (right fake FB account taunting a rescue?), you are making more enemies and risking more dogs to overloaded pro-racing and neutral groups, who may not take the care needed to place a dog in the right home.
Galgueros?  I won't go there beyond rot in hell with your damn tradition. 

Sing me the song of the “I love the dogs” theme again?

I forgot the words…

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is our houndies to be safe from money-hungry, abusive fake vets and “trainers” and galgueros who do not give a rat’s ass about the dogs.

They deserve far better than they have been forced to endure.

And Santa?  Thank you for my beautiful saved souls who may be spoiled rotten and, at times, not deserving of a stocking stuffed.

They will never be used again.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Green Collar

Thanks to the broad reach of Facebook, I’ve made many friends in a land down under.

I learn things from them often.

One, I heard of years ago, but just recently started researching was the “green collar” exemption.

Apparently, there are states in Australia that require RESCUED racing greyhounds to undergo, what I affectionately call, an ASS-essment before they can be walked without a muzzle.

Walk without a what??  Living in the U.S., I had a hard time wrapping my brain around this.

So I quizzed my friends to understand what this indignity is.  They can correct me if I am wrong on this.

My take on this is for a greyhound (you know, those lazy dogs, who do little more than eat, sleep, play) who has come out of the racing industry’s grasp must be muzzled when they are walked in public.

And there is a program where they can “earn” a green collar.  Meaning they are exempt from wearing the muzzle.
Oddly, the ASS-essment group is none other than the racing industry.  Pay a fee and they can be evaluated, away from home, for a length of time to see if they are serving and judged so by those whose qualifications are suspect…

Now, who on earth thinks up these requirements.  Oh.  That’s right.  An industry sponsored “organization” and fully sanctioned by the local government.

So…  what happens to the ones who never pass.  I’ve had some that wouldn’t have passed this ridiculous hold of the industry. 

Dee will go into a bucking bronco at the sight of a truck.  Does that mean she could not qualify for this archaic industry-sponsored crap?  I don’t think so. 
It’s more a reaction to her being hauled back and forth from Iowa to Florida, over and over, to make just one more buck off her.
Berry, who would have a melt down meeting a human she didn't know?

No green collar?  Or would they have been taken straight from the track to be killed.

The racing industry and those sponsored by it are the worst enemy of our beloved Rescues.
It's so sad they have that kind of control over the future of greyhounds.  It's almost as if they want it fail and therefore support that fallacy, without racing, the breed will disappear.
Utter bullshit and they know it.


Judging By Looks

Not a greyhound post but a hound post nonetheless.  And one I am equally passionate about.

I know I’ve already shared this petition.  And for those who have signed.  Thank you.

If you have not, and I ask little from others, please sign and send a message.

It’s a situation of persons in a position of “authority” who decree in mid-October that all those families with a Rottweiler or Pit Bull must remove those animals or those in “authority” will come, take them and dispose of them.

I don’t know those in these individuals in positions of “authority”, but my image, right or wrong, is of backwater, belligerent, pea-brained, mental minions with no business judging an animal on the surface without knowing the character of the animal.

Please, for the love of God, stop blaming the dog.

Feel free to leave a comment on the news story or send a letter to the Village of Moreauville.

Ripping a beloved family member out of the home they love reaches new levels of low.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sighthounds, NGA, Boycotts and Fake Accounts

One thing I am not is silent.  One thing I am is tenacious.

Some of the trollers think I gave up when I don’t post.

Nah, it’s called a new JOB that does not require using animals to fund my retirement…

But feeling a need to write a post.

See, I, being the faithful Facebook person, was celebrating the good news posted by a very dear friend.  And so began this post.

I will admit, some things just tick me off.  Like a poser taunting a dear friend.  A poser being a coward with a fake Facebook account.  (Seems to be a plethora of them on Faceyland...)

And said poser leaving a taunt on the page of someone I consider a very dear friend.

                   That’s a sure fire way to see the Not-Nice-Nan spitting nails.

But seeing as the taste of nails is almost as vile as the racing industry itself, I come to my blog.

My friend posted about some galgos and podencos, rescued from the bowels of Spain/hell and coming to the USA for their first ever homes.

The happiness and congratulatory comments for saving more dogs were resounding. 

Yet there was one discordant note.

Enter the “poser”.  A fake Facebook account, a bogus name of a “person” with no friends claiming Hialeah, Florida as home.
For those of us on the receiving end of the trolls and the abusers, the usual suspects come to mind.


 What?!?!?!  Say what, fake David?  The greyhound industry, like, I mean Gucc and Gorish and Parkinson and all the little minions have a ban??  Oh say it ain't so, Joe.  I mean, "David".
What I find comical, in a twisted way, is the racing industry is screaming deny, deny, DENY when someone questions their boycott of certain rescues.

And yet this tool broadcasts the boycott and gloats. 
     Dumbshit didn’t read the memo that there is no “boycott”. 

Perhaps it's an act of desperation by a moron.  That “walls come tumbling down” feral mentality.

But back to the boycott, you know, the one we all know about and they deny.

I mean, for the industry to boycott a rescue, not on humane reasons, but because the group doesn’t agree with the exploitation of a dog because the dog runs and is used to make money is nothing more than a bully tactic. 

But the industry has, indeed, called for the boycott of certain rescues. 
But they will never admit it.

Why?  Because a boycott of rescues who have ready homes screams the true intent of the industry.

It is NEVER for the dogs.

The dogs fell below tertiary to them.  They would rather overload the industry sponsored “adoption” groups who don’t do home checks and eliminate to make room for more.

Right, sing me that song again about how much they love “their” dogs.  Whose names they don’t know or what sex they are ("it") or where the hell they even are or if they even live...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicken Little – The Breed Will Disappear

We’ve all heard this.  It’s one of the racing industry’s mantras.

Without racing, the greyhound breed will disappear.

Somehow, they’ve either convinced themselves of that or they hope to get fewer people against.

Light bulb time.

Didn’t the greyhound breed exist over a thousand years ago or so?  Like kings and family companions?

And less than a thousand years ago, weren’t commoners banned from owning a greyhound?

Now, nothing personal, racing people, you are a tad common. 

So it wasn’t until some greedy mob-mentality guys said they run fast!  Let’s race them and make some money that racing greyhounds became some quasi-industry.

And so begins the downfall of the greyhounds’ care.  Not the breed, but their well-being.

“Without racing, the breed will disappear”

While it’s quite dramatic for effect (as most of your boasts) and some believe that, for others it is narcissistic. 

I’m certain you are brilliant in your own little domain, but you are not God to greyhounds.

If it were not for the industry and their exploitation of these gorgeous hounds, there would be no need for rescues.

There would be no starved dogs.
  • No broken legs.
  • No broken backs.
  • No electrocution.
  • No dead greyhounds.
Yet you continue to justify what you do.

Maybe you should have saved a bit of money, because glory days of racing are ending.

They greyhounds will outlive the racing industry’s greed.  They’ve done it for years, thanks to RESCUES.

But as long as there is racing (losers on the "Lies" page), no, Weller will not shut up!

And if greys are back to being pampered family members and not commodities of an industry out to use them and toss them, the shelters are teeming with loving dogs needing homes.

A rescue is a rescue.  All come with baggage from their past trauma.  One day, there will be no "baggage" for the greys.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Welfare and Subsidies - Doggie Style

The oddities of the racing industry.  No compassion whatsoever for the dogs they overbreed.  Animal welfare - greyhound welfare - advocates point out the failings, and they label us whackos.

I’m not sure how one equates seeking to protect the dogs from injury, electrocution, starvation (you will never live down Ronnie-douche) to a wacko.

More wacko to me is to accept an industry assuming it will have life-time subsidies, props, silver spoons and all from the taxpayers’ money.

"Representatives of thoroughbred and greyhound breeders told West Virginia legislators Wednesday that cutbacks in state subsidies of racing purses are devastating the racing industry in the state. “For all of us, it’s been disastrous,” said Sam Burdette, president of the West Virginia Greyhound Owners and Breeders Association, discussing cuts in racing subsidies, the most recent being a 10 percent reduction enacted during the regular session."

And?  So?

Sam predicts doom:

"Burdette said decoupling could be a double-edged sword for the four casinos, since current law requires live racing as a condition of obtaining casino gaming licenses.If that requirement were eliminated, Burdette asked, “Do you open the state up for additional casinos?’”

Rather comical, in a sad way.  In some bombastic way, he's saying without us, you'd be nothing.  Bombastic and savior, all rolled up in one.

Sam?  I did you notice the tremendous dip in revenue?  Or in lingo you would understand, butts in the stands?  Few in the stands to watch them run in circles.

No one wants to bet on the dogs but the owners and breeders and a few old-timers.

      Oh, did we say Sam Burdette is president of WV Greyhound Owners and Breeders Assn?

       Perfect “Cry wolf” individual.  Hell, his retirement plans relies on dogs running in circles, being        injured, PTS and breeding.  So that more can come and run in circles with no one watching.
The racing industry is becoming the next "welfare" recipient.  Or has already become.  They rely on the subsidies to survive.

Yet they are an industry.  Not a person.  As an industry they should be governed as such and not some propped up hanger-on.

While their comments amuse the hell out of me in their justification of the industry's existence. I'd rather see them done and gone.

And no, kids, despite the histrionics of the industry, if racing ends the breed will NEVER disappear.  Greyhounds have existed for over a thousand years.  (That's the other cry wolf theme of the industry, once again).

It will never take a few greedy bastards to wipe out a breed.

They will only become what they once were.  Treasured pets and family members.

Right, has-been racers due for oblivion?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Greyhound Racing ~ The Song Remains The Same

New story from Daytona, Florida.

Where else but the hotspot of senselessly racing dogs in debilitating heat and humidity, college Spring Breakers and little else of value.  I guess unless you like car racing or something.

Whatever, back to the story. 

So this trainer was suspended.  Doping dogs, it says.

“The Department of Business & Professional Regulation Pari-Mutuel Wagering Division, which oversees commercial greyhound racing in Florida, suspended kennel operator Lance LaFreniere for 45 days and fined him $500 after an investigation concluded that RJ’s Miraclemary, a dog under LaFreniere’s care, had been given the painkiller oxymorphone.”
I won’t be an expert in drugs other than what I’ve had during surgery, but according to Wikipedia:
“Oxymorphone is indicated for the relief of moderate to severe pain and also as a preoperative medication to alleviate apprehension, maintain anaesthesia and as an obstetric analgesic. Additionally, it can be used for the alleviation of pain in patients with dyspnoea associated with acute left ventricular failure and pulmonary oedema.[4] It is practically devoid of antitussive activity.[4]

Racing an injured dog, dickweed?  Or did it have a cough?  Damn, can they get much lower?

LaFreniere says “There is no way in hell I would do this to any of my dogs, I wouldn’t give a dog anything like that.”

Really?  Would you care to explain the following, 'LaTrainiere?

“A review of LaFreniere’s racing license history shows that he has been fined by the department 19 times since 1996."


"Records state he was fined $100 and suspended for a month in 2003 after a greyhound tested positive for dimethyl sulfoxide — also known as DMSO — a controversial antioxidant sometimes used to help dogs recover after races.”

I see self-regulation is going swimmingly.  Recover after races.  Hmmm...So they can race sooner for more two bit bets?  Surely new laws have been enacted to protect the greyhounds.

“State law holds kennel operators like LaFreniere responsible for any banned substances found in their dogs’ systems. LaFreniere has been fined at least seven other times since 1996 for dogs that tested positive for banned substances.”

Well, then he was banned for life, right?

"Kennel club manager Dan Francati said LaFreniere will be allowed to race at the track again once his state-ordered suspension is served."

“They’re gone for however long they’re gone,” Francati said of trainers who are suspended. “They do their time.”"

Their time???  Really...

Your system is working brilliantly.  No lesson learned, back to the same mistreatment.  No thought to the physical, psychological and mental damage done to a dog who is nothing but a product to gain profits.  Never a dog.

Back to business as normal.  Or S.N.A.F.U.  Situation normal....

And all for a shitty $2 bet.