Sunday, July 10, 2016

All Lives Matter ~ Every One Of Them

Dallas.  Ballwin, MO. GA. TN.  MN. LA.  I know I’ve missed too many.  Far too many.

Black lives matter, yes they do.  White lives matter as well.  Blue, purple and green lives matter.

Targeting those angry of an horrendous event does not give free license to commit those same offenses to those trying to protect the protests or those

I am so sick of this hostile anger that is rampant now.  Need a release?  Take up jujitsu, for God’s sake!  

Is there a right to be angry about a gunning down of someone, unarmed?  YES!  But an ambush in relation is NOT right.  Ever!  Shit…

Our local officer is in critical condition right now.  Shot in the neck as he was walking away from speeding traffic stop by a convicted felon.
innocent bystanders not involved in the events.  

A simple traffic stop, apparently, is not that damn simple.

THIS IS NOT NORMAL!  Too much anger and angst. 

Why?  Why….

I fight for my greyhounds and all greyhounds and rescues.  

Yet now, I fear for all of us.

Such and ugly world.

Friday, May 27, 2016

The Breed Will NOT Become Extinct

Ugh…  How many times have I seen this argument from the pro-racing minions who have partaken in too much of the handbook’s kool-aid?

Or wine margaritas.

I won’t digress into a “War and Peace” version of the history of greyhounds, as Denny does…

I won’t even touch the Jacko comment about caging greyhounds “because it’s used to its own space” disregarding history shit.

So many roads to take…  hmmmm

Ah, just focusing on that ever present “you shut down racing the breed will become extinct” nonsense.

A dog behaviorist shared the closing of TGP.  You know, that hell-trap track I verbally bashed for years?. 
Ol’ Tommy the Tool?  Quack Vet Robinson?

Anyway, I left a comment on her post about my rescued racers, speaking as one owned by them.

Sure as the sun rises, here it comes…

Now, let’s see.... 
There is no racing in Kansas, right?

Most breeding operations are located there, right?

I ask the minions of the book of DM, if racing ended, to you honestly think the breeders will stop breeding?  ps, the answer is no...  Greed wins out...

Greyhounds are shipped to Macau by trainers, to no welfare and no rescue from Ireland.

They are shipped to Spain, where their lives will end in a very bad way.

Greyhounds are "donated" to quasi-medical facitilies or are just outright killed ~ AU. 

Overbreeding for a dwindling supply.   

Breeders make money breeding these babies for you to race and dispose of. 

When you are gone, they will continue to breed them.

But for their true purpose.

As a cherished family member.
For centuries.
Something you denied them.

So the breed becomes extinct?
Just shut up.  That argument supports no water.

They existed long before 20th century man chose to ride on their back.
They will exist long after you.

End racing now.  Before more break a hock, a neck or a back.  Or shipped overseas.

No more!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Catch A Falling Star

People wish on a falling star for luck. 

Some attach themselves to a falling star and reach the end of a misguided decision.

Kudos to Governor Ducey for signing House Bill 2127 and House Bill 2387 into law.

For years I have mocked and fumed against Tommy “The Tool” and the Quack Vet.

I have not made friends with Denny and Bobby nor others.

The legislature spoke.  Unanimously!!

The track wanted nothing to do with live racing.

Today, the Honorable Governor signed both bills into law. 

One to prohibit live racing effective 1/1/2017.

One to repeal the financing of it.

Oh HAPPY DAY in this house.   

Thank you to every person involved in this!!

It is apparent the “glory” days of greyhound racing are long gone.  It outlived its fascination by the indolent. 

Grabbing on to the tail of a falling comet to make your living was not wise…

The people are against racing and Florida will be next.
"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket..."
Oops, it got away...

Yep, they're laughing.  They stopped winning once and were given to rescue. 

They won now!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Send No Dogs To Macau

For several years, the racing community in Australia had a nifty, money-making idea.  When their racing greyhounds were no longer “good enough” to race (Grrr), instead of retiring and rehoming them, send them to the Canidrome in Macau.

Macua, China where no animal welfare laws exist, where dogs who didn’t perform up to expectations were killed.  Sometimes with insecticide, a foot on the neck…  The pit…

Didn’t perform up to expectations??  They should have already been retired and homed.

Greedy ass bastards.

Public outrage grew against the airlines that transported them.  

So the airlines originating from AU stopped their transports and I applaud them.

Enter the pathetic Irish racing community.
“Hey, they made money shipping to China.  We could do that.  Add that to the dogs we ship to Spain...”

And so Lufthansa starts to transport.

In response to public outcries, Lufthansa claims they don’t know why the dogs are shipped.
Do you not read the news???

I would like to ask all my friends to sign this petition and any you see about dogs shipped to Macau. 

This petition is excruciatingly had to see, but God damn it to hell and back, please send no more

You know my love for mine.

What an horrific end when they should have a home after being used once.


Noble greyhounds, deserving of a life of comfort and love. 

For the love of Dog and God and Allah and others, ENOUGH!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

In The Blink Of An Eye

(forgive the reminiscence, but a time for remembering a time of a great hurtful goodbye to a wonderful hound grandma)
29 years ago, I took a vacation from Columbus, Ohio to Minneapolis, Minnesota.  My mama was going to have some surgery, so I planned to take my week being there.

I arrived the Sat. or Sun. before.  Then Monday she went in to fix the carotid artery that was 98% clogged.  She came out with a wicked stitching on her neck and tired.  She was told no overtaxing, which was a joke.  I ran to the store, came home and found her vacuuming.  Up and down the stairs.  Stubborn Finn but her daughter is more of one.   

We watched old slides of her and dad, slides of us 3 kids growing up.

The flowers kept coming to the house, and mom remarked how beautiful to see these while alive. 

April 12, I had a flight out of MSP.  I woke to find no one there.  Just silence.  The coffee was ready (thanks, mom) but that was all.  Then I saw the note on the kitchen table.  The very same table that I grew up eating meals.

‘Your mom is having problems with her arm.  I’m taking her to the hospital.  Have your bags packed and I’ll get you to the airport on time.  Love you, Dad.’

I never saw that airport for weeks.  He picked me up and rushed me to the hospital.  She was having a massive stroke.

I remember the voices but today, the dark halls on a Sunday.  Massive stroke,   I think more of it as trying to stop the lava from a volcanic eruption.

We sat with her for hours, talked to her, shared some laughs, let her say her thoughts.  Then the reactions dimmed.  She could barely raise her right arm to us to hold.  She lost her speech and could only communicate through those kind eyes.  She went further away, she was sedated, and we went back to the empty house.

My brothers arrived the next day, April 13.

They had their time with mom.  To say I love you.

By then, the results were there was a spark of activity in the brain but very small.

We said goodbye April 13. 

A vibrant, vivacious, loving soul left this world and served to watch over us.

A smile, a hug, a laugh
Her love is her legacy.

Barbara Helen Halvery Weller
January 8, 1930 – April 13, 1987

Friday, March 4, 2016

Tucson Greyhound Park ~ TGP~ Why Is It Not Shut Down

TGP…  It has been the long time target from many.  I know I have posted much about that criminal deathtrap.

From Tom (the Tool) Taylor and his claims of comparisons to the Taj Mahal

I’ll be the first to say I’ve never seen the Taj Mahal in person.  But I’m going out on a limb and guessing it does not look like Tom Taylor’s Taj

To the quack vet Robinson, going out of city limits to jack up dogs.
Weren't there dogs lost out of a hauler, in transit, some time ago?  Touches the memory here...
        Ah, love of the dogs, eh?

So they cleared out old Tom and much of the riff-raff.  The Quack vet?  Probably not still there.

Whole new crew…

      New riff-raff to replace the old?  Popp is a fool.
And now there is zero oversight on steroid injections?  As in no one is monitoring these greyhounds in the "Taj Mahal" and keeping them safe??

Here is why it is so not wise, TGP and Tucson.

It’s not smart because more and more of the public are turning against you.  With reason. 
You're reaching reviled, but for the sorry bettors and the breeders.

It’s not smart from a business standpoint because there are still not enough butts in the stands to support this nonsense.

It’s not smart from a tax payer standpoint to supply you an umbilical cord.

And it sure as NOT SMART from a greyhound’s perspective.

Broken hocks, viral pneumonia.

Yet the races go on

I don’t know which politicians’ pockets are stuffed with wads of cash, but they need to be voted out.
I've raised and reared dogs for 30 years.  I've seen those silly teenage years when a dog is coming out of puppyhood and learning.  Around 2 - 4.  About when these greyhounds die.

Before more dogs die.  Because it will be on you that they did.