Friday, July 12, 2013

Two Years, Always Painful, But Always Grateful

My Schemie boy was my rock. 

My ever faithful friend and companion.

My “road buddy”

It’s been two years since he left my life.

Two years later, I see it a bit more clearly.  I don’t like it but I do see it.

Since my Ber left, things got sadder for him.  And why DeeDee came to be with him.

He took to hiding under the deck to be alone.

I’d call him in and, as always, he came in.

But I think he was ready.  He stayed to make sure DeeDee would be there.

When the heat overcame him on 7/11/2011, I rushed him to the vet.  They had him normalized and cooled and ready to pick up in the morning, according to the 11p phone call from the vet.

7/12/2011, the vet called first thing in the morning and said he didn’t make it.

I think it was his way of leaving.  He didn’t want a sobbing mess when he crossed to the bridge.

Instead he got one after he left, when I cradled his lifeless body.
He knew.  And he’s never left.  He just left here his way.  Play and be happy little manser.  I will see you again.

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