Friday, July 12, 2013

The End of TGP Inches Ever Closer

Word on the street is Tommy the Tool has been ordered to leave TGP?
(Please understand all sarcasm, henceforth)

Why??  Surely it was not mismanaged under his care as GM?

Surely it was not his arrogant disregard about jacking up dogs?

Surely it was not about his slack approach to the welfare of the dogs or the reporting of injuries? 

Better left unsaid, huh, Tommy?

Happy Trails to you…

Now the new GM is Tony Fasulo.  Wasn’t there some sort of involvement in missing greyhounds in Juarez, MX where his name was woven into the fabric?


Seems the industry, as one friend said, keeps recycling the bad boys.

I guess that makes sense, though.  To work in this industry you have to have no morals, no ethics and no care for the dogs.

I’m going out on a limb, but I think this new GM will not enforce injury reporting.  Just my opinion.  I could be wrong and would happy to be wrong.

Time to shut the claptrap down and they find jobs that aren’t putting greyhounds in danger and hoodwinking the citizens.

Tootles Tom.

Oh, I guess he’s an accountant?  I guess there's a living there?  Um… Never mind.

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