Friday, November 9, 2018

Craigie Dillon – 03/16/2005 – 11/09/2018

Farewell, Sweet Baby

Our first meeting, I will admit you shocked me by your unruliness.  Your manic attack at a window when a volunteer at the rescue walked out the door.

Oh, no.  He is too much.

Circumstances changed, the King (Schemie) passed away.

A month and a half later, we reconnected.  When one door closes, another door opens.

He, so full of life and joy, moved on in.  That manic behavior when someone leaves continued for months.  I was constantly trying to sneak out the mailbox as he became unglued when I left.  Bouncing off the front window, rattling it.

That joy for life, eternally playful personality spilled forth in this home.  Everything excited him, everything elicited a smiling laughing reaction.  The smallest thing, like me preparing dinner, sent him into a giddy delirium.  New stuffies?  Oh Lordy, nirvana.

In no time, you became a mama’s boy.  Far more than the girls.  With each passing year, you curled up near me, then next to me. 

Today, I lost the joy and life in this home.  And we all feel the absence.  The girls are subdued.  I am heartbroken.

We will mend with time.  I bid my sweet boy a safe journey.  I’m certain your Uncle Tommy will watch over you until I join you.

Until later, my darling boy.

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