Friday, August 23, 2019

Neska Weller ~ 01/09/2006 - 08/23/2019

Darling little girl.  I’m not sure I know another braver soul than you.   

You survived life with the galgueros, you braved a trip from Spain on several different jets and you were thrown into a world with 2 much larger greyhounds and a feisty kitty.   

Yet you happily carried on with a tail that never stopped wagging.  You knew freedom from abuse and the joy of living the life you were meant to have all along.


Your funny little run, with your back legs bunched up like a bunny, scurrying up the stairs and racing around the house.  Plopping on dog beds and trying to share beds with your brother and sister.

Sweet chica, I know your brother, Craigie, is there for you.  Lean on him.  Until I see you again.

Little bug, if love alone could have fixed you… 

I love you, little Neska.  Always.


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