Friday, October 19, 2018

Vote Yes on Florida Amendment 13

Ahead of the November 6th vote in Florida, the rhetoric is coming to head.  While the Yes vote is promoting the benefits of that affirmative decision, the No vote is promoting hysteria, dire consequences and untruths.

First, the PRs claim the sudden closure of tracks will result in the deaths of greyhounds.
Fact:  It is a phased out end of racing in Florida.  There is NO sudden closure.  This will NOT cause the death of greyhounds, it will end the unnecessary death that racing already creates.

Second, there are not enough places to move the dogs.
Fact:  The industry needs to drop their BOYCOTT of rescue groups.  There are a great number of groups waiting to help home dogs but are on the industry’s heavily supported of boycotts of rescues (I personally know 8 of them.)

Third, If 13 passes, it will limit hunting or fishing or other dog competitions.
Fact:  This amendment is ONLY addressing greyhound racing.  From the Florida Supreme Court. "If Amendment 13 is adopted, therefore, the only activities which will change in a material way are dog racing in Florida and wagering thereon, which will cease."
"If approved, Amendment 13 would not authorize the creation of new slot machine operations in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties, or anywhere else."
"It would be unreasonable to conclude Amendment 13 extends to other forms of racing. The ballot language accurately describes the scope of Amendment 13 as being limited to racing of dogs in connection with wagering."
"Amendment 13’s fundamental value provision is devoid of any legislative or judicial mandate: it bestows no rights, imposes no duties, and does not empower the Legislature to take any action."

Fourth, the No contingency has resorted to smear campaigns and underhanded attacks.
Fact:  True.  They are becoming increasingly nasty.

Fifth, they claim the breed will disappear will disappear if racing ends.

Fact:  An industry, just 100 years old, based on greed, will never decimate the breed if racing finally ends.  Greyhounds have existed thousands of years.  Their belief they own the continuance of the breed is not only egotistic but misplaced.

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Vote YES on Amendment 13

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