Saturday, September 29, 2018

Wow. They Don’t Change

With the upcoming vote in Florida on Amendment 13 (VOTE YES!), the industry will still deny rescue groups dogs they are passing off.  Not because those groups are unqualified or that they don’t have waiting adoptees.  Because those groups oppose the abuse of greyhounds.
Rescue groups have waiting lists!  WAITING LISTS!

Yet the industry hold the dogs hostage from groups because those groups don’t agree with racing and endangering greyhounds.

Those groups are guilty of caring about the fate of greyhounds and pointing a finger at those who seek to capitalize on a fast dog.

So…  while loving homes wait, the industry keeps those dogs locked up or dumps them on over-crowded PR-approved groups who most likely do not bother with home checks.

How’s that for ‘loving their dogs’?  

They love money.  And the dogs are nothing more than money-makers.  Nothing more.  

We have seen that "love" with the callousness with which those dogs injured with treatable injuries are killed.  We have seen that with the drugs they administer to the dogs.
This industry is rancid.  From the top to the bottom.  And the smell is putrid.

I stand with the rescues.  And when the industry fails, we will pick up the pieces.  As always.

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