Friday, March 16, 2018

Florida Prop 67

It has been fun reading the comments on an article on Tampa Bay Times.  Just like the old days...  Bravo to my friends commenting. 

Racing greyhounds for profit is an “industry”.  As an industry, they should be held to certain standards.  Yet, we see in the news the repeated instances of dogs testing positive for cocaine.  Coke?  Steve Sarras says “we live in a contaminated world where there’s cocaine on everything”.

Yeah, I hate when I have to turn on the windshield wiper to wipe off coke.  Perhaps in his world it is so…

Recently, a greyhound was electrocuted on the fence.  Not the first.  Many in the news with broken limbs.

Any other industry is investigated, shut down, head honchos fired.  This is not an industry.  It’s an over-extended, has-been club of cheap money.  Cheap for them.

This play group is dying. Many do.  But this one takes dogs with it.  This industry cannot live without state subsidies.  They’re not able to exist on their own.  They are a drain on state funds.  AND they are harming gentle beings.

Yes, these dogs love to run.  Operative word is run.  Wildly, crazily, bouncing, jumping and smiling.  Traps and sharp bends and the first turn are not running.  That “smile” in the muzzle of a racing hound is a grimace.  That is someone’s idea of a profit.  Not a dog’s idea.

There are many rescues groups willing and able to take the greys when the industry is shut down. 

The big question is can the industry lose its ego and drop the boycott on rescues.

My guess is no.  

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