Friday, September 15, 2017

Irma, Part Two

Apparently my prior post about Irma and the dogs left in kennels ticked off some people.

  •       What is involved in moving thousands of dogs.  Thousands???
  •       I need an education?  right...
Listen, this storm was horrific.  My niece may not have a home to go back to on Marathon.  But they evacuated.

Puzzle me this.  There is over a week warning of an impending impact from a hurricane.  Or even the outlaying wind damage.  It’s not like a tornado, that drops out of nowhere.  Why weren’t actions taken sooner?

So an industry with “thousands” of dogs in kennels, according to a prior comment, with weeks of notice of a potential hit can’t round up haulers to move dogs?  Weeks prior?

They have horrid cement blocks for the hurricanes but what happens if it floods.

But they left the dogs and the trainers to deal with it.  Priceless and heartless.  The epitome of the racing industry

People are just now getting power back near these kennels.  What provisions were made for the $$money makers$$?   None, I assume.

The industry is in a death spiral.  No reason other dogs saved by racing groups to leave the has-beens at blood banks.  Or shipped to places like Mexico and Pakistan (yes, someone found one from the US there.),

Speak and comment all you want.  Until I see corrective action taken for those low $money-makers$, I won't shut up.

No love for dogs in this industry.  Just money.

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