Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is a massive storm.  It is covering the entire state of Florida.  It surpasses Andrew, which was epic devastation.

While the eye makes a beeline to the Keys where my niece evacuated, projections send it in many directions.

There is a statewide evacuation order in place.  For good reason.  While the eye targets one area, the bands will wreak havoc elsewhere.

And Florida is one of the few states with greyhound racing.  With too many tracks there.  Too many dogs in kennels, susceptible to damage and flooding

Humans, with family and pets, load up their cars or vans or trucks and seek a place for shelter from one of the worst magnitude hurricanes to hit Florida.

Why don’t the tracks?  I’ve heard some trainers are going to stay with the dogs.  

That is noble of them.  But stupid.  The terror and the permanent damage to the psyche?  Unless the trainers are singing lullabies, they’ve hurt those dogs. 

They should have moved all of the dogs out of there to safety and the trainers too.

The owners and breeders won’t care much.

God help those dogs.

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