Sunday, July 10, 2016

All Lives Matter ~ Every One Of Them

Dallas.  Ballwin, MO. GA. TN.  MN. LA.  I know I’ve missed too many.  Far too many.

Black lives matter, yes they do.  White lives matter as well.  Blue, purple and green lives matter.

Targeting those angry of an horrendous event does not give free license to commit those same offenses to those trying to protect the protests or those

I am so sick of this hostile anger that is rampant now.  Need a release?  Take up jujitsu, for God’s sake!  

Is there a right to be angry about a gunning down of someone, unarmed?  YES!  But an ambush in relation is NOT right.  Ever!  Shit…

Our local officer is in critical condition right now.  Shot in the neck as he was walking away from speeding traffic stop by a convicted felon.
innocent bystanders not involved in the events.  

A simple traffic stop, apparently, is not that damn simple.

THIS IS NOT NORMAL!  Too much anger and angst. 

Why?  Why….

I fight for my greyhounds and all greyhounds and rescues.  

Yet now, I fear for all of us.

Such and ugly world.

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