Friday, May 27, 2016

The Breed Will NOT Become Extinct

Ugh…  How many times have I seen this argument from the pro-racing minions who have partaken in too much of the handbook’s kool-aid?

Or wine margaritas.

I won’t digress into a “War and Peace” version of the history of greyhounds, as Denny does…

I won’t even touch the Jacko comment about caging greyhounds “because it’s used to its own space” disregarding history shit.

So many roads to take…  hmmmm

Ah, just focusing on that ever present “you shut down racing the breed will become extinct” nonsense.

A dog behaviorist shared the closing of TGP.  You know, that hell-trap track I verbally bashed for years?. 
Ol’ Tommy the Tool?  Quack Vet Robinson?

Anyway, I left a comment on her post about my rescued racers, speaking as one owned by them.

Sure as the sun rises, here it comes…

Now, let’s see.... 
There is no racing in Kansas, right?

Most breeding operations are located there, right?

I ask the minions of the book of DM, if racing ended, to you honestly think the breeders will stop breeding?  ps, the answer is no...  Greed wins out...

Greyhounds are shipped to Macau by trainers, to no welfare and no rescue from Ireland.

They are shipped to Spain, where their lives will end in a very bad way.

Greyhounds are "donated" to quasi-medical facitilies or are just outright killed ~ AU. 

Overbreeding for a dwindling supply.   

Breeders make money breeding these babies for you to race and dispose of. 

When you are gone, they will continue to breed them.

But for their true purpose.

As a cherished family member.
For centuries.
Something you denied them.

So the breed becomes extinct?
Just shut up.  That argument supports no water.

They existed long before 20th century man chose to ride on their back.
They will exist long after you.

End racing now.  Before more break a hock, a neck or a back.  Or shipped overseas.

No more!

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