Friday, May 13, 2016

Catch A Falling Star

People wish on a falling star for luck. 

Some attach themselves to a falling star and reach the end of a misguided decision.

Kudos to Governor Ducey for signing House Bill 2127 and House Bill 2387 into law.

For years I have mocked and fumed against Tommy “The Tool” and the Quack Vet.

I have not made friends with Denny and Bobby nor others.

The legislature spoke.  Unanimously!!

The track wanted nothing to do with live racing.

Today, the Honorable Governor signed both bills into law. 

One to prohibit live racing effective 1/1/2017.

One to repeal the financing of it.

Oh HAPPY DAY in this house.   

Thank you to every person involved in this!!

It is apparent the “glory” days of greyhound racing are long gone.  It outlived its fascination by the indolent. 

Grabbing on to the tail of a falling comet to make your living was not wise…

The people are against racing and Florida will be next.
"Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket..."
Oops, it got away...

Yep, they're laughing.  They stopped winning once and were given to rescue. 

They won now!

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