Sunday, May 8, 2016

Send No Dogs To Macau

For several years, the racing community in Australia had a nifty, money-making idea.  When their racing greyhounds were no longer “good enough” to race (Grrr), instead of retiring and rehoming them, send them to the Canidrome in Macau.

Macua, China where no animal welfare laws exist, where dogs who didn’t perform up to expectations were killed.  Sometimes with insecticide, a foot on the neck…  The pit…

Didn’t perform up to expectations??  They should have already been retired and homed.

Greedy ass bastards.

Public outrage grew against the airlines that transported them.  

So the airlines originating from AU stopped their transports and I applaud them.

Enter the pathetic Irish racing community.
“Hey, they made money shipping to China.  We could do that.  Add that to the dogs we ship to Spain...”

And so Lufthansa starts to transport.

In response to public outcries, Lufthansa claims they don’t know why the dogs are shipped.
Do you not read the news???

I would like to ask all my friends to sign this petition and any you see about dogs shipped to Macau. 

This petition is excruciatingly had to see, but God damn it to hell and back, please send no more

You know my love for mine.

What an horrific end when they should have a home after being used once.


Noble greyhounds, deserving of a life of comfort and love. 

For the love of Dog and God and Allah and others, ENOUGH!

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