Friday, February 12, 2016

Misinterpretation Of The Point? The Galgueros Got The Point

One week ago, on February 7, 2016, I woke to a Facebook feed filled with pictures.  That, in itself, is not unusual.  What was brilliant was the cause of the photos.

(NW-I am not sharing pictures without permission but once received, they will be included.  To show the magnitude of the presence.  It is huge.)

Rallies in Australia for the disregarded and use of racing greyhounds.

Marches in Spain for the abused galgos and podencos.

Thousands of rally goers and their hounds to support “Shut It Down” around Australia.

Thousands upon thousands marching around Spain in the Million Paw March.

Now of course, the industry doesn’t “get” the brouhaha, but must issue a statement to the numbers making voices heard.

Greyhound Racing New South Wales felt they must respond to this and offered, in my opinion, an industry textbook response 

In response to the rallies against racing, they formulated and came up with the organisation had

"implemented essential reforms over the past 11 months to ensure animal welfare and integrity is at the centre of everything the sport does now and into the future".  

Right in line with company mouthpieces.

Oddly, they went on with

“measures were in place to stamp out the mistreatment of animals, which included live baiting.”

“there was still a lot of work to do in the area of the overproduction and unnecessary euthanasia of greyhounds.”

The what???  They finally admit they are wantonly killing greyhounds because there are too many coming off the tracks and they are not remotely equipped to home them.

But of course they sing the praises of the industry-sponsored rehoming groups – Greyhounds As Pets

"A total of 274 greyhounds were re-homed under the program in 2015… "

274 greyhounds rehomed in all of 2015.  I’m quite proficient at math and given the number whelped, trained, entered, “retiring” and killed on site, this appears nothing more than an embarrassment to them.  274. 

GRNSW addressed the after effects and symptoms.  These are merely outgrowths of the industry’s corruption.  But never, ever do they address the cause.

The cause is racing, in and of itself.  And these self-absorbed, bombastic fools thinking bandaids will fix it and their statement will stop anymore rallies that shine a spotlight.  See?  Duct tape!  It fixes EVERYTHING.

Even the galgueros get the point now. 

While my Spanish is minimal at best, the understanding is the galgueros are now seeing the end of their horrific traditional reign of terror on the dogs.

Listen, you race a dog, the dog risks injury.  That’s it in a nutshell, for the slower GRNSW members.  They box, they ride a rail, they collide, they flip, they break a back, they get euthanized.

1 + 1 + 1 does not equal a bandaid statement….

These marches and rallies are NOT an anomaly.  Not a one off protest.  They are a statement of public disgust.  And they won't stop.

The tides are more and more turning against you.

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