Saturday, January 30, 2016

Sarasota Kennel Club…

Just one track that sums up the state of greyhound racing in the U.S.

The greatest description of this track, symbolizing the face of the industry written in one post:

“But age shows, like an elderly woman who changes lipstick color every few years. She still looks old. Here, age shows in breakdowns of the mechanical rabbit that the greyhounds chase. That rabbit races on a rail that circles the quarter-mile dirt track, and sometimes the rabbit loses its get-up-and-go. Workers in trenches splice and twist and coax the decoy back into action. Races get delayed.

Age also shows in a starting gate that doesn’t always open properly.”
And sums up this dangerous “sport” that only heartless could support.  And I am not the only one who believes it is time to shutter the doors.

“In some affluent circles today, dog racing is about as popular as cigarette smoking.”

As popularity wanes, so should all tolerance.

The tracks are only there to support casinos.  No one cares about the dogs.

Except us.  The ones who pick up the pieces of sad souls.
A quick trip “down under” shows this is an international effort.    

And Spain.  Ah Spain.  Where blind acceptance of “tradition” turns a blind eye to hangings of galgos and podencos.   One of the most heinous of abuse.  Voices rise and won't be silenced.
This is Spain.
This is not a sickness localized to an area.  This is not a Florida problem or an Arizona problem.

This is US, AU, NZ, IE... and the list goes on.

Worldwide, voices speak.  Loudly.  And never stop.

And it’s best to listen.

No more jacking up dogs to make the run faster for a fatter wallet.

No more dogs should ever be placed in harm’s way, risking electrocution and broken backs or bled dry. 

All for a mere pathetic bet.

For a hare caught.
These are noble hounds.  Loyal hounds.  Hounds who only understand love and a kind touch.

They deserve far more than the depravity of those who use them.

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