Friday, February 12, 2016

Boycotts. Again.

The U.S. greyhound industry (NGA being the mouthpiece) had initiated a boycott of rescues because they oppose racing and are strong proponents of getting dogs homed.

Yeah, stress re-homing then cut the feet right out from under them.

Recently an industry-sponsored group in Florida, a track-sponsored group, had the dogs seized from them for lack of care.

Is your unholy boycott really worth risking the lives of the greyhounds?

Get off your high horses, tune out the tools of the industry, and provide for those you were entrusted with.

I have nothing but utter disgust at an industry who “loves their dogs” yet subjects them to this.

Your ivory towers are crumbling and the sooner you “save your goat” the better off you will be.

End your boycott.  You are acting like bullies on the playground.

Except it’s not a swing.  It’s a dog.


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