Friday, March 4, 2016

Tucson Greyhound Park ~ TGP~ Why Is It Not Shut Down

TGP…  It has been the long time target from many.  I know I have posted much about that criminal deathtrap.

From Tom (the Tool) Taylor and his claims of comparisons to the Taj Mahal

I’ll be the first to say I’ve never seen the Taj Mahal in person.  But I’m going out on a limb and guessing it does not look like Tom Taylor’s Taj

To the quack vet Robinson, going out of city limits to jack up dogs.
Weren't there dogs lost out of a hauler, in transit, some time ago?  Touches the memory here...
        Ah, love of the dogs, eh?

So they cleared out old Tom and much of the riff-raff.  The Quack vet?  Probably not still there.

Whole new crew…

      New riff-raff to replace the old?  Popp is a fool.
And now there is zero oversight on steroid injections?  As in no one is monitoring these greyhounds in the "Taj Mahal" and keeping them safe??

Here is why it is so not wise, TGP and Tucson.

It’s not smart because more and more of the public are turning against you.  With reason. 
You're reaching reviled, but for the sorry bettors and the breeders.

It’s not smart from a business standpoint because there are still not enough butts in the stands to support this nonsense.

It’s not smart from a tax payer standpoint to supply you an umbilical cord.

And it sure as NOT SMART from a greyhound’s perspective.

Broken hocks, viral pneumonia.

Yet the races go on

I don’t know which politicians’ pockets are stuffed with wads of cash, but they need to be voted out.
I've raised and reared dogs for 30 years.  I've seen those silly teenage years when a dog is coming out of puppyhood and learning.  Around 2 - 4.  About when these greyhounds die.

Before more dogs die.  Because it will be on you that they did.

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