Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Broken Hock = Death Sentence

I see many posts like this.  From across the globe.  And I am royally pissed.

From Coalition For The Protection of Greyhounds:
“On 1 Nov 2015, Dubsy Russell raced at Sundown, VIC where he collided with another greyhound approaching the first turn and faltered on the second turn. He was examined after the race and a vet found that he had sustained a fractured right hock and metatarsal injuries. He was euthanised.”
A broken hockThat can be fixed.  Similar to a human broken ankle.  Last time I checked, we don’t euth humans for something treatable.  Why do they systematically and routinely kill the dogs?
“It is important to determine the cause of instability of the hock joint prior to surgery.” 
Well, let me see...  Does greed count as a cause?
Because that is the source of it all. 
A broken hock takes money to fix.  In their mind, “I’ve got others coming up to race, just put him down.  Can't make money now...”.
This industry is sick.  As in unhealthy (leaving off the mental aspect of it)
In the US, boycotts.  Pro-groups supporting them and then crying for funds on TV because the industry cut funds.
Live baiting.  Drugging.
Jesus, they have not evolved far from the days of Ronnie Williams here, and have made no move forward from a shot to the head elsewhere.
This dying industry is cancerous.  Unfortunately much like they breed in their helpless dogs.
Dubsy was 3 years old.  Euthed.  Because of greed.
Shame on this industry.  Time for governments to grow some and shut it down.
Because I am mightily sick of seeing the dogs suffer anymore.

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