Saturday, December 12, 2015

Too Slow They Said....

Ah, that would sum up my rescues.

They are not slow, from a layman’s perspective, but too slow to win any more money for greedy sods.

Mine were turned into a rescue.  That’s right.  A RESCUE. 

Yet other industry-sponsored groups used to euth them to make room for more. (Ah, that damn “boycott” declared by soulless fools.)

I hope that is no longer so, but who knows.  I doubt those who show their “love” of the dogs by boycotting rescues have changed their stance. 

(ok, I know they haven’t as I see the braggarts post on Rescue pages)

In Australia, the abuse is decades behind us in terms of evolving.  Or pressure to clean up your act.

For some reason, and perhaps happens here in the US, there was a brilliant idea of blooding a greyhound.  To make them faster.  Four Corners exposed the cruelty of the trainers in their documented live baiting.
you have to wonder how their children are raised...

And recently exposed are the shipments to China of “too slow” dogs.

It’s not a pretty story for us.  For them?  Pure hell. 

Even the AU industry was so adamant they banned this shipment of greyhound to certain death.

Renegades, once again, feel the “rules” don’t apply to them.  We’ve seen that with the quack vet Robinson at TGP.

Names change, but mentality doesn’t.

So they make side contracts to ship those damn slow dogs to China.  And they don't even blink.

Voices rise, the petitions are bulging.

Yet the Ag Minister sits down.  Does nothing to stop further exploitation of the greyhounds.

All by losers.

This jackass never blinked an eye... 

Even the airlines have taken a stand.  Other industries are horrified by this base industry and the destruction. 

Yet barnacle stands his ground.  Their death is on you, Barney.

(personal aside, Barnaby Joyce is a douche, useless and needs to stand down.)

Maybe, if these graceful, regal hounds were no longer judged by a time on a clock, this would no longer happen.

Maybe if this breed was restored to its once glorious state, before man’s greed sought to make money, they could live in peace.

That didn’t happen in my kids’ lifetime, but they live in peace now.

May the soulless met Karma…  Karma is just waiting...

John Lennon:
"Instant karma's gonna get you
Gonna knock you right on the head
You better get yourself together..."

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