Saturday, December 5, 2015

Happy 64th Birthday, Big Brother

(This blog, created for a purpose.  Today, I honor my brother.  Miss you so much.   ~nw)

“I’ve had a great life.  A happy life.  Being me.

I’ve struggled over time and I’ve struggled with health.  It shouldn’t be with sorrow that I was called home.  I was ready and I was not afraid.  While I was in no hurry to leave my beloved family and friends, this world had taken its toll. 

It used to hurt.  Every time I woke at 2 in the morning, my body protested.  Yet I never stopped and never gave up.

My 2 am mornings are past.  My pain is gone.  I never wanted to leave you, but the final round was played.
Find comfort in that there is no longer the pain I fought daily.  The fight to make ends meet.  Find comfort in that there is now peace.

Please don’t be sad for me.  I am well now.  And I am whole.

I watch over you and I feel your tears and your pain.  I try my best to send you comfort from afar.  And send little signs that just you and I would know.  And as you rest, I will always watch over you.

Please smile because I was there, don’t cry because I am not.  I am right there, inside your heart.

Laugh often over memories.  I can feel your happiness and laughter.  Laughter eases the hurt.  I know that.

And please know, and find comfort in, the knowledge I love you and always will.”

Happy birthday, Tommy.  I love you.


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