Friday, November 20, 2015

Racing. The Definition Of Risking Life For Money

(While I have taken a sabbatical to grieve a loss, I have not left.  And nothing would make my brother angrier than me giving up.  So, Tom…  For you)

I’ve posted in the past about the oblivious nature of the racing industry.  From the quack vet Robinson, to the utter horror of Ronnie Williams (Ebro), to Tommy the Tool Taylor.  And many more.

Those losers are gone.  And yet they are always replaced by a new group of easily bought, bribable imbeciles.

Those of low morals and no ethics.

As much as I have posted in the past ~ blasted in the past ~ the greyhound racing industry, I feel the same disgust for horse racing.

Just change the species but keep the original mentality.  Money, money, money.
They are horses.  They love to run.  Or what I think they think.

Right.  Apply a whip and I’ll run…

Horse racing is just as rampant as dog racing with injuries and death.  Perhaps not to the magnitude of greyhounds since there are, what, 6 to 10 races a day, every freaking day. 
I was good at math.  Pretty sure that increases the likelihood...
The difference with horses and dogs is those horse people report it.  And only because of national televised events of hats and fashions.  Oh, and horses...
If not for that, nothing would be said. 

And yet another magnificent innocent, killed

My blog.  My opinion.
If you willingly train and risk the life of a dog or a horse (or any sentient being) to run for money, you are culpable in their possible injury and possible death.

Enhancing performance by unnatural means and inbreeding does more harm, long term, than any paltry sum made. 

Made.  Not earned.  And their death is on you.

You can interchange dog and horse in the utter base mentality of racing discourse.

The underlying theme was, and always has been, man’s greed.

Logging off here with a personal pain.  A fellow blogger posted his last Friday Hound Blogging post

Peace be with Ironicus Maximus and thank you!  No one can tweak them better.
But know I will give it my best.

For them all...

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