Sunday, October 18, 2015

Born December 5, 1951. 

9 months after his (our) parents were married.

Tommy is the eldest of us kids. 

I’m the youngest and the only girl.

Did I have a fierce protector growing up?

Eh, not so much.  I think I was the gnat in his life back then.

Ah, Tom, you have been my best friend over the years.

Hours on the phone talking food and football and baseball.

Every Sunday, an hour chat.  Hanging up, I’d say I love him and he’d answer I love you more.

You were just here at the house.  We talked about how good the UM-OSU game was going to be.

We watched football, you loved on my hounds.

Incredible brother, most loving dad and grandpa.  You are a rock star.

Departed October 18, 2015.

You did not leave me, damn it! 

Today is Sunday, the day I talk to my dad and my big brother.  My heart breaks.

My best friend, I love you more.  Forever.
I am still trying to process this and may never will. 

A smile.  A hug.  A laugh.  Larger than life and the happiest person ever.
I honor you, Tom.  And love you forever.


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