Friday, September 18, 2015


They leave us far too soon.  Suki, beloved child of Heather.  And Wilma.

Today, a warrior earned her wings. 

Right now I have nothing but tears.

Wilma was a racing greyhound.  She did not have a great early life.

So many traumas, physical and psychological, that only the love of her mom and dad could soothe and heal.

In her short time, Wilma became a voice for the greys.  And gained so much support around the world.

Amazing the message a gentle face and valiant soul can convey.

The vileness from the AU industry attacked her and her parents verbally for speaking out against that industry.  Yet you shined like a bright star.

You left us too soon, love, but know we will continue in your name and all of theirs.


Cookie Face, I know you found your sister, sweetie.  She’s in good hands now, mama.

Tracey and Andrew, my deepest sympathy.

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