Friday, August 28, 2015

Yay, Texas!

Yes, another one bit the dust.
Sadly, a couple hundred part time workers lose jobs.  There are a multitude of jobs out there for the taking.  I see signs posted everywhere.  While it will require people skills and some require some talent, they are out there.  Dust off the resumes.

The kennel operators?
Perfect chance to refocus your energies on dogs to home.  Doing something for good for once.

Imagine.  Greyhounds in a home.  Wow.
No risk of harm beyond a twisted ankle in the yard.

No broken backs running around that damn first turn.
No broken hocks “requiring” euthanasia.  For the record, just for those to uncaring.  That IS treatable.

No electrocution.  No dumped at a clinic as a subject to be used and disposed of.
I took a poll tonight in the home and asked would you rather be racing in Florida, shoved in a gate?  Or would you rather have your Orvis beds or a cage? 

Bed won.

Your large back yard or a track?

Yard won.

Well, what about the menu?

You get my drift.
It was unanimous.  Ebro did NOT win...
It's a perfect time to reengineer your livelihood.  Because in a dying industry, there won't be much left.
Or you can be the orchestra, playing the last song, while the Titanic sunk.

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