Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy 4th Gotcha Day ~ To My Crazy Craigie!!

2011 – What an emotional year in the Home of Rescues.  In January, I lost my sweet little bounceback Berry. 

So it was just me, Schemie (the macho GSD mix) and Smokey (the crotchety old kitty).  Schemie was such a great protector of his sisters Britty and Berry, I decided to adopt a new rescue friend.  So I contacted my friend Sally to meet some cat friendly houndies.  Female please…

I made a trip in May of 2011 to Indiana to meet a potential new kid.  First up was little DeeDee.  Mind you, "little" is relative as she was taller than the Macho Man…

Then I met two large brindle males – one of whom was CraigieD.  With the first one, I already knew Schemie would have problems, just due to the size and the sex.
Schem did have his machismo to protect.

Then I met CraigieD.  Equally large.  Yeah, not looking good here… 
Then one of the volunteers walked through the office while we were all in there, walked out the door and Craigie launched himself at the window after her.

Oh hell NO!  That dog is crackers.

So in May 2011, I brought home the princess DeeDee.  And there was peace in the House of Rescue. 


A month and a half later, Schemie left us at the age of 15.  Dee was so confused her friend didn’t come home and I was desolate.

So I contacted my friend, Sally, again.  I was working from home, so why not.  Old Smokey was still the pisser he always has been.  Who is left from 1 ½ months ago of those non-cat-eating hounds? (ok, they don't eat them, but Smoke was deaf at that point, so preferably one that wouldn't freak him out and send him in a tailspin...)

Craigie.  Given the turmoil of that year, I had forgotten that launching-through-the-window episode by a lunatic and met Sally in Terre Haute.

Out climbs a giant from her van.

Oh, mother of God, I forgot how large.

But was he ever lovey!

So, I bench press dead weight into my jeep and off we go for the return trip 

4 years ago today, I adopted another rescued greyhound.  His name is Craigie.  He was a pretty lousy racer, I guess, but a bigger character you will never meet.
Yes, every time I walked to the mailbox those first few months I’d see him bouncing at the window.  Sweet Jesus, Craig, I’m going for MAIL. 
Living with him, he couldn’t find his way out of a box (never sure how he was actually raced...), but man, can he excavate a yard!
Fast forward 4 years, he knows I come back.  He still digs, though I pray he loses his master digger title and stops teaching the girls the joys of destroying the yard.
The kitty he liked to goose with his cold nose has now joined my others after 20 years.
He has a new "mini me" brindle from Spain with whom he is perfecting the excavation business.  Lovely...
Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Craigie “Dillweed” McDillon!!! 
I could never imagine my life without you, you beautiful boy.  And I could not love you more.

My world is right.  Because their world is right and safe now.

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