Friday, August 14, 2015

Wow, Do We Love Our Dogs or What (Part ?)

“We love our dogs”.  Standard industry-issued mantra.  Must repeat often to brainwash themselves that they believe do.  Their “wine Margaritas” helps in this…

I’ve always been convinced those die-hard greyhound industry people were a tad unstable. 

I mean, really, to go to such extents to haul them across the country to make a few bucks.  Putting them at risk in the haulers in sweltering heat.

Jacking them up to prevent females going into heat and doing untold damage to the females.

Not to mention the psyche of the rescues.  I’ve had my share of rescues.  They carry a lot of baggage with them that could have been avoided had not greedy fools thought to make a quick buck off them.

Sadly, they don’t see what they do.  Just breed more.  Some might make it but some will be a champion…

While I’m in the US the news from down under demonstrates the mentality of those in the racing industry…

Brother against brother  Wonder why they were fighting over the same racing dog…  I can only surmise.  Bought/invested together?  Whatever precipitated this, stabbed in the chest?  Your own brother??  Damn…

Animal welfare officers, necessitated by the unveiling of live baiting, not only practiced in a remote location but prevalent throughout the racing industry, shot at? 

“If these allegations are proven to be correct then this is another example of the kind of behaviour that is not welcome in the Victorian greyhound racing industry, or anywhere for that matter.”

This bombing thing?  I don’t know the story.  But again a trainer in the greyhound racing industry.  Call me naïve, but anti-racing folks don’t build bombs.  I can barely build a bookshelf…

All I see is violence begets violence and for whatever reason, it seems prevalent in this industry.

The sunshine, lollipops and rainbows the industry presents is a façade.

It’s an industry.

And as such, the bottom line is the almighty dollar for them.  Money first, dogs last.

The fact that this "industry" continues to be a welfare organization, subsisting on government/taxpayer funds to survive is an affront.  Because "welfare" does not seem to be in their makeup. 

WHEN racing industry ends, and there are no more to rescue because they have been restored to their original honored place, I will smile.

There are many others needing rescuing.  And the greyhounds will be safe.

(For the ones claiming I am part of a rescue where I live, I am not.  I am not part of those I chose to support.   I choose to support them.  Fact check...)

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