Monday, July 6, 2015



Many friends have faced it and fought it.

Some beat it.  Some did not (R.I.P. Michelle).

Many friends are facing it with their greyhounds.  The numbers of those greyhounds suffering from this is unacceptable.

I just learned another dear friend has received the dreaded diagnosis of cancer.

Yes, I will take this post to say, stop your god-damned selective breeding to get the fastest hound.

They may be fast enough to make you a couple of bucks, but you risk their lives.  And not only on the track...

They deserve better than this. 


christine lenfant said...

I have had 3 as of yesterday that I lost to cancer. Today I found out I will lose another. My heart is broken and I feel in such despair. I just can't accept this but what difference does it make. Kona, will fall to this hateful disease. He has taken my soul and heart to a depth which I can't even begin to explain. Thats All I have to say

Nancy said...

Dear friend, I know. I wish I could take your pain away but know I cannot.

My friends, Berry's foster parents, have now lost 3 to it.

My post doesn't make a difference in their outcome, those who endured it. Nothing can do that.

My post is about the anger at this disease that has taken too many.

christine lenfant said...

Thank you Nancy. I get it. When I posted on the 6th I had only lost 3 but on the 7th of July Kona crossed over the bridge. My heart is broken and the pain is INTENSE. It NEVER gets any easier. I have tried to grasp this but it is just so very difficult. I even have a 2 year old grandson who has been in the hospital since 11-24-14 with Stage 4 High Risk Neurblastoma. I HATE CANCER.