Friday, June 19, 2015

So, Rescue Is A Bad Thing?


A wealth of meaning in one simple word.

Rescue means to remove and keep someone from an unsafe situation.
  • Something dangerous
  • Something harmful 
Be that someone a human or a dog or a cat or whatever. 
The ones who seek to minimalize or condemn the word “rescue” should look a bit deeper in their soul.  It lacks empathy.
Making that very word a vile thing to post shows a total lack of empathy for the world around. 

I’m giving my post up to the incredible Max.  No one points the idiocy of this leech industry better.

Truth be told, these dogs in my home are RESCUES.  No one wanted them other than to use them for financial reasons.

Once they were of no use, they became a liability.

Yet the industry cuts its own throat by boycotting rescue groups.  Is there that little care given for finding dogs their first homes?
(rehoming?  really....  )
So yes, I consider mine precious children rescues from one cold, uncaring industry.

I will forever say, RESCUE PROUD.

And thanks Max, for making it blatantly obvious how little they care.

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