Friday, June 5, 2015

But They Say They Love Their Dogs, Right??

Well, at least that’s what the racing manual says they should say.  Ok, I don’t know that there is really a “manual”.  More like a trait manifested by inbreeding.  Repeat mantra and all will believe that...

I’ve not run into a more vindictive group of people in my life.  They practice redirecting probing questions.  They attack and they threatened and attempt to intimidate. Sorry, not naming names, they know and we do.

But true nature always comes out.

In Australia, live baiting is decimating the industry.  Accusations of “dobbing(I think that’s a local term for “bring me down I’ll bring you down”) spew from one Tom Noble, trainer extraordinaire.
Noble, in the very thick of this mess, cries, you should have stopped me. 
The board is to blame for not stopping you, old Tom?  Really...  You sticking to that story?
The entire Queensland racing board has been sacked, as in don’t let the door hit you in the…  Why, oh why, can't we do that here?  Oh.  No board...

Here in the US, the vileness just continues.  They’ve tried boycotting anti-racing groups.  It’s not been all that successful. 

They have threatened friends.  Again, not that successful since my friends have backbones, unlike them.

Last attempt is utter snarky-ness. 

Snarky is a term for nasty, biting, with no teeth.  Well, my definition, anyway.

Friends of mine (get over it, trolls) adopted a rescue. 

Snarky abuse ensues.  Love your dogs, eh?  Intro into base mentality.

Heaven forbid a rescued greyhound is adopted into a loving home that cares for them, sees to their needs, feeds them well and never harms them.  Oh.  Right.  That wasn’t the racing manual…  React, accuse, lie.
I knew if I waited, my hero would post about this, in his most brilliantly, sarcastic way...

Yes, I oppose greyhound racing. It should not be an epiphany for you.  I am honest, if nothing else.
My greyhounds are rescues from an industry that had no use for them when they quit winning.  They had limited options. 
Thankfully, one option was a RESCUE group.
And life has been heaven for them!


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