Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Kids Are Homed, Not Re-homed, Rescued, Not Retired

Semantics.  I think sometimes people use terminology to attempt to justify what they do and their existence.

Rescued greyhounds are not re-homed.  A dog that never had a home can’t be re-homed.  They are homed.

Greyhounds coming off the track were never in a home.  Unless you consider living in a cage and running for your life a home. 

It is homing for a dog who should never have been in that place to start with.

And I find it tragic there are those who broadcast racing greyhounds off the track are “retired” greyhounds.

Those who claim these racing hounds are retired, please explain retired from what.

As a working person, retirement means I chose this profession and work so that I may one day retire.

I was not bred and born for the sole purpose of earning money. 

Nor was I judged at a young age whether or not I could “make the grade”.

There was never a thought of culling and no one ever judged me to not being good enough.

No one put my life in danger of electrocution or a broken back or a broken neck or leg where a track quack would administer pentobarbital.  Or taken off site for a shot in the head.

I wonder how many of these dogs at Shawfield “retired” and were “re-homed”.

More important, how many met the quack vet.

Shared from Grey Exploitations:

“Last night at Shawfield dog track and for the 3rd time in as many months - the traps failed to be removed from the track during a race. The hare was stopped at the third bend - resulting is sheer carnage with only 2 dogs finishing the course.
We will never know the fates of these poor dogs - as the industry is self regulated and accountable to no one.”

Sums the industry up in a nutshell.
My angels are rescued and homed.  NOT “retired” nor “re-homed”.


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