Monday, March 16, 2015

Happy 10th Birthday, Precious Boy!

Ah, Craigie “McDigger” Dillon.  When I adopted you, my heart was still so shattered by Schemie’s death the prior month. 

You came to us because I felt DeeDee needed a brother after losing her brother.  She was so happy to see you come. 
I had forgotten just how large you were, but was reminded quickly when you came out of Aunt Sally's van....

Little did I realize then, I was the one who needed you in my life.  It didn’t take long to realize you were just what I needed.

You are still the silliest big hound I’ve ever met.  You have an unbridled joy for life and the smallest things. 

Dinner time, rump in the air, squeaking the closest toy and wagging your tail, until dinner is served.

New toys, visits from friends and the ultimate nirvana for a descendant of the McDigger clan, utter glee at the latest hole dug in my moonscape back yard.
You will always be a big, galumphing goof.  Falling into Kim and Court’s pool, tripping over your big feet, head-butting me every time I turn around.

Precious boy, I wish I had known you 6 years before I adopted you.  If I had, you would never have been tossed aside when your usefulness was done. 

Your resilience speaks volumes.  You don’t show the fright the others have.  You are just a happy go lucky kind of guy, with an ever present smile on your silly face.  It has served you well, my love.

You are my little (big) ray of sunshine and joy.  Every day.

So Craigie Dills, we both won, didn’t we.  Years yet to savor together.  And we shall celebrate you every day.

Happy 10th birthday, silly boy.  I love you to the moon and back and am blessed to share my life with you.



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