Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dogs Are Not Wastage

I’ve had dogs almost my entire life.  They have been loving members of my family, from a little brother to my own kids.

I’ve known about the dumped dogs at the pound.  Where do you think some have come from here in my world?

Through the wonder of internet, I’ve learned of far worse crimes against the dogs.

I learned of greyhounds starved to death, with no intervention from anyone, shoved into freezers and trashcans.  (Ronnie Williams, Ebro).

I’ve learned of greyhounds given amphetamines and steroids.  (Always in the news with the positive tests)

I’ve learned of secret, off-sight injections given to females to stop them going into heat.  (Yep, good ol’ TGP…)

I’ve learned that dogs used in fighting and if that fighting did not end in the death of loser, the dogs were electrocuted, beaten and killed.  (saying no more than Mikey Vick)

I learned that in Spain, when the horrid gaglueros are done with their hunting dogs (many having come from Irish Racing), they meet all manner of death.  Dumped in killing stations, drowned in rivers, tossed in wells to starve or hung.  All to pay them back for not doing what the galgueros wanted.

I learned that in Australia, unworthy (please know that means non-winning) greyhounds are considered wastage.  They are dumped in mass graves, taken to clinics to be bled to death or shipped out to countries with zero animal welfare oversight. 

Yes, even less than ours apparently are…

I’ve learned of mass graves all over this world, UK, IE included.

Did any of these idiots involved in the industry, fighting, ever think of getting a real job instead of making a dog work to the death to support them?

Given the one instance of one owner whose dog raced, quit winning and was turned into a brood bitch and at 11 years old given to a racing –sponsored adoption group, pretty damn doubtful.


Stop treating them as such.  Your game of uselessness is up.

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