Friday, February 20, 2015

Life Is Never Dull When The Racing Industry Is Involved...

The racing industry suffered an earth-shattering set back this week.

As someone who has looked closely at the sport tells Meldrum-Hanna:

"Putting together animals, gambling and prize purses is a toxic mix. It's capable of turning men into monsters."

Well, yeah…  I'm not Einstein but I do know 1+1+1....

Most humans, with any sense of compassion will find this deplorable, cruel and unfeelingly fiendish.  That and just vile.

The culpable individuals need to be all found and banned for life.  Fined and jail and banned.

Because this happened in a state in AU does not mean it does not happen anywhere else where racing is legal, or a blind eye is turned to it, so US, take a look under the covers....

It should come as no surprise that I see all levels of vile in the greyhound racing industry.  From the overbreeding for the fastest (again, where are those slow pups????  Industry is silent on those.), to the confinement and lack of socialization, to the beyond suspect, but proven, training techniques, the opulent pretender awards to the callous lack of regard they have for the ones who work while they don’t.

Fallout from the exposé,

NSW bans the entire racing board.

The list of sponsors withdrawing growing.  And growing.

Rumor has it, even McGrath foundation is mouthing the words, however their ungodly link with the 'Go The Pink Dog', you know, that money raiser where several of the ill-fated dogs died racing... 
I'll cheer them when they mean it.
And, yet, because the greed must continue in this life-sucking industry, Greyhound Racing Victoria has thrown the dog hauler into reverse and says the dogs suspended in the live-baiting video can continue to race.

They can race IF “their owners signed statutory declarations which stated they had not been trained with live bait.” 

So, an unscrupulous, unethical cheat can sign a paper saying he/she knows nothing and all is rosy?

That would be less than the paper it’s written on…  Brilliant move.  Bet that works well for you.

“The GRV board had also been under intense pressure for its refusal to seize the dogs implicated in the scandal, an action taken by Racing Queensland this week.”

Let’s hope they are removed as well.

The humans involved deserve every level of punishment meted out.

Yet some good continues through this horrific revelation of truth of the industry.

The ABC exposé exposed the depravity of humans.  It exposed the sickness of those heavily involved in the industry.

It did NOT show the greyhound as they truly are.  Before greedy men/women, looking to find a quick buck/quid/whatever got their hands on them.

Never blame the dogs.  Those in the exposé nor those not yet shown.

The greyhound is a gentle, loving, loyal and playful breed.  And that is their true nature.  Those in the exposé were trained to be that aggressive.  And thus perpetrating the archaic “green collar’ stupidity that reigns in Australia.
These beautiful creatures that greedy exploit are gentle souls.
And no, the breed, to counter the mantra of the industry, will never disappear.

You don't hold that much power.

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