Friday, February 6, 2015

Greyhound Awards Of The Year Galas ~ What Celebration Ask The Greyhounds

I’ve never been much of an Awards Ceremony person.  When you work in I.T., well, if there were one such ceremony, I think it would be rather lame.
I ran across an award ceremony I found rather sad and sick.
I can just picture this in my mind.

Rather empty-souled people, dressing up in finery.  All paid for by the money their dogs earned for them.

Back-slapping, saying well done, bad luck you lost a few dogs.  They had promise.  Maybe the next litter will be better...

Trainer of the Year award goes to one Linda Britton.  She must have been magnificent to win that.

”Britton was sidelined from the training ranks after her star greyhound Zelemar Fever was found to have a prohibited substance in urine samples taken after she won the WA Sprint Championship and then placed third in the Group 1 National Sprint Championship last August. 


“While Zelemar Fever was disqualified from both events, Britton still managed to train 299 winners from 1,285 starters throughout 2014, a feat which saw her claim the title of leading trainer."
While disqualified, she still trained?  Wouldn’t that substance abuse thing (abuse from human, by the way.  Dogs don’t troll for drugs) make her suspect and, well, perhaps, keep her away from other dogs?
“As far as that award is concerned we don’t really have any criteria in there that we wouldn’t award it to someone that became disqualified at some point.”
And as the awards go on, one after another win and polite applause while the others think privately, that should have been my award.

In essence, a self-congratulatory narcissism love-in. 

So, they plot and plan how they can win the award and make more money next year.  Let's breed some more, experiment with meth, right Hunt?

Doping, if not caught, is, apparently an acceptable practice.

In a nutshell, no holds barred in the greyhound racing industry.

Did anyone of those moronic, narcissistic fools spare one thought for the dogs they took to vet to be euth’ed?  One damn thought for the ones they sent to the vet to be bled?

Never sparing thought for the one that broke a back beyond  the money they would no loner earn?

Probably not.  They are busy people.  They have to move on to find the next “great racer”.
I bet that was one fancy award dinner. 
Probably not one I'll DVR... 
Useless souls harming precious souls. 
Karma, baby...


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