Friday, January 2, 2015

I Was Born Free

There was probably a kind-hearted intent buried deep within this video.  And I am thankful they were helped by kind persons.  Truly happy they were saved.

However, the opening words on the video?
Well, to someone like me, not a great introduction. 

It stuck me as apologist.  Or...
"I was born free".  Oddly, the perfect song for the greyhounds.  Quite the dichotomy of the message from the beginning of the film, where the stream read:

"In the greyhound world I don't like to say rescue"

What the ever loving hell were they if not rescued?  The owners didn't want them.  The breeders didn't want them.  The trainers didn't want them (or were trying to get them out).  They were of no use to the industry any longer.
In some countries, they call it wastage.
What precisely do you call those dogs?  "Retired"?  I can choose my job and choose my retirement. 
These angels were bred and trained to earn a living they never chose.
How is that "retired"?

In my - OUR - greyhound world, we say the word rescue. Loudly and proudly.

Rescued.  And better for it.


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