Saturday, December 6, 2014

It’s Christmas Time All Over The World

In places near and far...

Or whatever people celebrate, whether Hanukkah or Kwanza or…  I hope it is a beautiful season for you.

It is a reason to celebrate what means the most to each of us.

Mine is simple.  And my wish is simple.

As I look at my rescued greyhounds and rescued galga, I pray they are all saved from the life they once lived.

Looking back over the years, the pro-racing contingency has resorted to hard ball.  Boycott the rescues who will place greyhounds in great homes. 

Screw the dogs, as they don’t matter to them.

They want to make a statement.  Be with us or be without.

All in rescue care nothing about the industry.  We care about the dogs.

So some keep quiet, walking a tightrope to pacify the overly inflated egos in the industry.

Others speak and act.  And so the recipients of the boycotts.

Industry – whoo hoo, you there with your minds in your pockets.  You forgot someone in your united effort to close off rescues.  You forgot the ones putting the butter on your damned bread.

You have completely forgotten the precious hounds.

You know them.  They seek to please.  You’ve trained them to do nothing more.

And when they no longer please?  Lock them in a kennel on a piece of plywood.

God help them, they can’t even be delivered to a rescue organization because of you, nasty industry.

While bully tactics are working for you right now (right fake FB account taunting a rescue?), you are making more enemies and risking more dogs to overloaded pro-racing and neutral groups, who may not take the care needed to place a dog in the right home.
Galgueros?  I won't go there beyond rot in hell with your damn tradition. 

Sing me the song of the “I love the dogs” theme again?

I forgot the words…

Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is our houndies to be safe from money-hungry, abusive fake vets and “trainers” and galgueros who do not give a rat’s ass about the dogs.

They deserve far better than they have been forced to endure.

And Santa?  Thank you for my beautiful saved souls who may be spoiled rotten and, at times, not deserving of a stocking stuffed.

They will never be used again.

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