Saturday, November 22, 2014

Green Collar

Thanks to the broad reach of Facebook, I’ve made many friends in a land down under.

I learn things from them often.

One, I heard of years ago, but just recently started researching was the “green collar” exemption.

Apparently, there are states in Australia that require RESCUED racing greyhounds to undergo, what I affectionately call, an ASS-essment before they can be walked without a muzzle.

Walk without a what??  Living in the U.S., I had a hard time wrapping my brain around this.

So I quizzed my friends to understand what this indignity is.  They can correct me if I am wrong on this.

My take on this is for a greyhound (you know, those lazy dogs, who do little more than eat, sleep, play) who has come out of the racing industry’s grasp must be muzzled when they are walked in public.

And there is a program where they can “earn” a green collar.  Meaning they are exempt from wearing the muzzle.
Oddly, the ASS-essment group is none other than the racing industry.  Pay a fee and they can be evaluated, away from home, for a length of time to see if they are serving and judged so by those whose qualifications are suspect…

Now, who on earth thinks up these requirements.  Oh.  That’s right.  An industry sponsored “organization” and fully sanctioned by the local government.

So…  what happens to the ones who never pass.  I’ve had some that wouldn’t have passed this ridiculous hold of the industry. 

Dee will go into a bucking bronco at the sight of a truck.  Does that mean she could not qualify for this archaic industry-sponsored crap?  I don’t think so. 
It’s more a reaction to her being hauled back and forth from Iowa to Florida, over and over, to make just one more buck off her.
Berry, who would have a melt down meeting a human she didn't know?

No green collar?  Or would they have been taken straight from the track to be killed.

The racing industry and those sponsored by it are the worst enemy of our beloved Rescues.
It's so sad they have that kind of control over the future of greyhounds.  It's almost as if they want it fail and therefore support that fallacy, without racing, the breed will disappear.
Utter bullshit and they know it.



Anonymous said...

Your ASSessment is absolutely correct. Trainers have to pay around $200 (with vet shots etc) for greys to go into the program. $200 for a dud racer? Bullets are cheap & vets here have bulk billed days for euthanizing many hounds in one go.

And if the greys are admitted to the program (after a lengthy wait period) & don't pass this ASSessment...? No one except the industry, (who won't release their stats on euthanized greys) knows how many thousands are dying.. but we do have the greys registered as pets via council & can confirm it's around 20k dead ea. year.
Where I live in NSW the industry admits to killing 3000 puppy farmed greys a year. It's much higher.

Green collar GAP crap muzzling laws are just another hurdle for Aussie greyhounds to run to try to make it out of racing alive.

All our fosters live with our cats.. but somehow they are deemed to vicious to exit the front door without a face cage. This perpetuates the myth that they must be untrustworthy dogs & makes people less likely to adopt.

So, thanks for spreading the word as the world needs to know the cruelty being inflicted upon greys down under.

lapetitepoisson said...

Thank you for this very insightful observation! I came to Australia without any knowledge about Greyhounds at all, and it has been a wonderful journey of nothing but delight with Lucy, my very first Greyhound and the best canine companion I have ever had the honour to live with! (I grew up with dogs of all breeds, all of them rescued/adopted.) I too feel that the muzzling laws are unfair, outdated and it is about time for a review and change to the way Australia looks at Greyhounds (and the racing industry)!