Friday, October 10, 2014

Sighthounds, NGA, Boycotts and Fake Accounts

One thing I am not is silent.  One thing I am is tenacious.

Some of the trollers think I gave up when I don’t post.

Nah, it’s called a new JOB that does not require using animals to fund my retirement…

But feeling a need to write a post.

See, I, being the faithful Facebook person, was celebrating the good news posted by a very dear friend.  And so began this post.

I will admit, some things just tick me off.  Like a poser taunting a dear friend.  A poser being a coward with a fake Facebook account.  (Seems to be a plethora of them on Faceyland...)

And said poser leaving a taunt on the page of someone I consider a very dear friend.

                   That’s a sure fire way to see the Not-Nice-Nan spitting nails.

But seeing as the taste of nails is almost as vile as the racing industry itself, I come to my blog.

My friend posted about some galgos and podencos, rescued from the bowels of Spain/hell and coming to the USA for their first ever homes.

The happiness and congratulatory comments for saving more dogs were resounding. 

Yet there was one discordant note.

Enter the “poser”.  A fake Facebook account, a bogus name of a “person” with no friends claiming Hialeah, Florida as home.
For those of us on the receiving end of the trolls and the abusers, the usual suspects come to mind.


 What?!?!?!  Say what, fake David?  The greyhound industry, like, I mean Gucc and Gorish and Parkinson and all the little minions have a ban??  Oh say it ain't so, Joe.  I mean, "David".
What I find comical, in a twisted way, is the racing industry is screaming deny, deny, DENY when someone questions their boycott of certain rescues.

And yet this tool broadcasts the boycott and gloats. 
     Dumbshit didn’t read the memo that there is no “boycott”. 

Perhaps it's an act of desperation by a moron.  That “walls come tumbling down” feral mentality.

But back to the boycott, you know, the one we all know about and they deny.

I mean, for the industry to boycott a rescue, not on humane reasons, but because the group doesn’t agree with the exploitation of a dog because the dog runs and is used to make money is nothing more than a bully tactic. 

But the industry has, indeed, called for the boycott of certain rescues. 
But they will never admit it.

Why?  Because a boycott of rescues who have ready homes screams the true intent of the industry.

It is NEVER for the dogs.

The dogs fell below tertiary to them.  They would rather overload the industry sponsored “adoption” groups who don’t do home checks and eliminate to make room for more.

Right, sing me that song again about how much they love “their” dogs.  Whose names they don’t know or what sex they are ("it") or where the hell they even are or if they even live...

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