Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicken Little – The Breed Will Disappear

We’ve all heard this.  It’s one of the racing industry’s mantras.

Without racing, the greyhound breed will disappear.

Somehow, they’ve either convinced themselves of that or they hope to get fewer people against.

Light bulb time.

Didn’t the greyhound breed exist over a thousand years ago or so?  Like kings and family companions?

And less than a thousand years ago, weren’t commoners banned from owning a greyhound?

Now, nothing personal, racing people, you are a tad common. 

So it wasn’t until some greedy mob-mentality guys said they run fast!  Let’s race them and make some money that racing greyhounds became some quasi-industry.

And so begins the downfall of the greyhounds’ care.  Not the breed, but their well-being.

“Without racing, the breed will disappear”

While it’s quite dramatic for effect (as most of your boasts) and some believe that, for others it is narcissistic. 

I’m certain you are brilliant in your own little domain, but you are not God to greyhounds.

If it were not for the industry and their exploitation of these gorgeous hounds, there would be no need for rescues.

There would be no starved dogs.
  • No broken legs.
  • No broken backs.
  • No electrocution.
  • No dead greyhounds.
Yet you continue to justify what you do.

Maybe you should have saved a bit of money, because glory days of racing are ending.

They greyhounds will outlive the racing industry’s greed.  They’ve done it for years, thanks to RESCUES.

But as long as there is racing (losers on the "Lies" page), no, Weller will not shut up!

And if greys are back to being pampered family members and not commodities of an industry out to use them and toss them, the shelters are teeming with loving dogs needing homes.

A rescue is a rescue.  All come with baggage from their past trauma.  One day, there will be no "baggage" for the greys.

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