Saturday, August 2, 2014

Another Buehrle Golf Classic - Another Classic Day

A bit of a long story to get to my point, but a reason for it.

Every year, I play golf in a charity tournament.  Buehrle Golf Classic to raise money for cancer research through John Wayne Cancer Institute, Siteman Center and The Rypien Foundation.

Best recalculated guess is 14 years now.  Even after all those foot surgeries.

It's a 4-person golf scramble and we were 3.

We arrived and had a 4th paired with us.  Dr. Nick Davidson.  Uh oh…  A doctor…  with us???

He arrived not knowing he was playing.  He was there to speak, meet and greet, about cancer research.

And he was stuck with us…  Oh gad…

Utterly wonderful man!  We certainly did not intimidate him with our tremendous play….  I told him I was only there for comedic relief. 

Ok, that was the background of this post.

Lunch after golf, my usual topic (such a great conversationalist) comes down to the dogs.  I was fretting over them home alone so long.

The good doctor and I had a great conversation about the greyhounds.  He asked many questions.  About mine, about them in general.

I brought up the problem with osteo (he’s in cancer research after all) and the breeding of bloodlines that perpetrate the disease.

He asked about their disposition, interaction with kids, adults.  Potty training.  I mentioned the stairs training.  He was filled with questions about the rescues and asked where there were rescue groups around here. 

So wonderful to have a talk with someone so interested in these glorious kids. 

My friend, Angelo, just looked on indulgently.  He’s used to me babbling about my dogs.

My friend, Bruce, piped right in for the greys and he has lab-mix rescues.

Dr. Nick has a 12 year old mutt – little bit of lab.  Maybe he will consider a greyhound someday.

I left, after playing crappy golf, with a big smile. 

Thanks Dr. Nick!!  It was a pleasure!

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