Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Greyhound Racing, Facebook and What the Heck?

My constant amusement in the world of Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, please.  I have met some incredibly wonderful people there, some I have met in person, some not yet and look forward to meeting.

I’ve learned some great recipes, home tips (love that weed killer!) and gathered pertinent health information about our canine kids.

It’s the moronic high school mentality I refer to.

A friend requested positive reviews on their Facebook page so I left one, as did many others.  Unholy hell ensued, though that was not a surprise.  From the pro-racing contingent that must patrol pages to leave dissenting comments.  Or, in this case, inflammatory comments.  Terrorist? 

Dudes, put down those wine margaritas and back away! Sloooowly...

Now, it should not come as a big surprise, a super big secret that I oppose greyhound racing.  I think I’ve been relatively clear in that respect.

And I applaud the efforts of others to ensure more safeguards, mandated injury reporting (like tracks actually comply...), curtail racing and end racing.

If that comes as a surprise to you, you’ve not paid attention. 

Facebook banality:

I received a “private message” from someone I honestly don’t recall being in my Friends list.  As a result of my review on a page working to end racing.

(She wasn’t paying attention, I guess…)

“I must unfriend you…”


I will be honest, I didn’t read her entire discourse.  Rather lengthy.  The gist of it was, my opinion is wrong. 

She did end with a comment (I had to skip to the end), that I should be supporting "XYZ Group".

I chose not to get into an exchange with this “friend” I did not realize was one.

So, I say this once because it is no one’s business.

You have no idea what I donate to galgo rescue, to GCNM, to USA DOG, to MI REGAP, to Stray Rescue throughout the years.  And yes, I have donated to "XYZ Group" in the past. 
End "none of your business" topic. And no, not a good Nan, pat.  Just facts.

I respect that you have your own opinions.  I may not agree or like, but you are free to those. 
As am I to mine.
Now, that done and said, I support these groups, I speak up often and always will.

For them.  Always for them…


~the end~

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