Saturday, June 14, 2014

Are They What They Seem? Lexus

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The Lexus Project.  For animal legal defense, they claim.

Sure, without a doubt, they have done that.  But how much do they really truly care?  For the dogs…

I believe they turned down a local Missouri group trying to save their pet from a kill-happy mayor.  Apparently the “face time” was not there for them.

Don’t get me wrong.  I take nothing away from what they have done.  What concerns me is what they have NOT done.

For one, in their magnanimous nature, offered to help a Greyhound rescue in New Mexico with galgo rescue and graciously sent funds to them to help save greyhounds.


They discovered that greyhound group was <gasp> ANTI-RACING!  And sent a follow up message they will never help them again.

What?  I missed something.  Wasn’t this TLP-thingy about rescue and helping?

I guess it’s about where their perspective is.   

Let’s see, what is that perspective?

When challenged by their about their stance it came out like this:


What?  You don’t support racing anywhere except in the US??  As if the industry in the US is any cleaner, honest and above board than elsewhere. 

Isn’t that a tad contradictory?  Either you do support or you don’t support.  No “except”.

Wait, did I see the glory of the NGA sung too by this group?

3 more notches off the “Impressed With Your Work” score sheet.

But they have greyhounds!  Doesn’t that count?


Right.  Group formed to help greyhounds?

I think they forgot that point… 

As a "do-gooder" organization that picks and chooses whom to help based on the glory they receive and, of course, the total support of the racing industry, I find them vile.

I have nothing but utter disgust for this group.  Another in the hip-pocket racing industry group.  May do some good things, but the soul is still dark.

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