Thursday, June 5, 2014

Early Happy Birthday to DeeDee!!

My glorious “little” rescue arrived home on May 28, 2011. 

No, the door was never closed!  This was night #1.
Huh, a never closed cage door??

Little because she was not, really… 

Friday, June 13, 2014 is her 7th birthday. 

See, Dee-bug was a Dubuque-raced dog.

Well, actually, Dee was schlepped back and forth, over and over, in haulers, from Dubuque to Sarasota (despise that track) year after year. No wonder she hates trucks!

But back to Dubuque…

Early birthday present, little princess!  Governor Branstad signed into law “a measure that allows Mystique Casino to cease greyhound racing operations at the end of 2014 but allows an industry group to continue races at the track.”

But an industry can continue to race?  Like, on their very own?  Perhaps for a bit longer, but…  I’m thinking they don’t have the wherewithal to sustain their cupcake life without subsides.  Wonder if they are pumped about the change? 

Personally, I do not think they have the business knowledge to sustain a so-called “industry” without government substance.  But that is just me.

As a mere analyst, any industry that relies on handouts for an extended time becomes reliant on that, and will find itself wondering where the umbilical cord went.
But back to the new law, they just got a big sweetheart deal in their lap.  Funds for retirement.  Will they invest their windfall, that most of us won't see?  Nah, most likely not.  You'll just keep trying with some make believe "industry" fewer and fewer really have an interest in.
Might want to check out net night's proceeds next time...
Quit bitching,   You got a big pillow to fall on the rest of us who work don't get. 
And those who "love" dog racing, another addiction is waiting around the corner. 
Make your next "addiction" rescuing and saving strays, abandoned and abused dogs, giving them a chance at a life they deserve.

Signing off with my favorite blogger, Ironicus Maximus!

Happy birthday, Princess!!

Happy dance, baby!!


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