Friday, May 16, 2014

The Racing Industry and Boycotting Rescues

To listen to the racing industry’s mantra of woe to the dogs if racing ends, it is catastrophic!  Oh my GOD!  All those dogs and nowhere to place them.

You know, all those dogs they’ve continued to overbreed.  The overbreeding of just select dogs with genetic makeups that grow worse over generations of them.  Those dogs…

And yet, there are many rescue groups in the U.S. willing to take the dogs.  But the industry has decreed a boycott of rescue groups. 
You must “retire” your dog to an industry-sponsored program or a “neutral” program, they say from the comfort of their homes and offices.

For the record, to me, “neutral” means you support the industry for their constant supply of dogs.  And therefore, pro-racing.

The problem with that mentality is you are over-taxing your “approved” groups.  To the point that one group (industry-sponsored) sent out a plea for help a few years ago.  They were putting down healthy dogs to make room for more the industry dumps.

(Bet she’s sorry she ever posted that in an open group…)

In the meantime, RESCUES have waiting lists for the greyhounds.

Did you catch that, industry??  WAITING LISTS.  People wanting to home your non-winning and injured castoffs.  The ones you don't want.  The ones the owners don't want back.  The ones the breeders have no use for.

I thank God every day one trainer refused to send Dee to the shithole Ebro and turned into a RESCUE.

So, to the industry, I say YOU are the ones causing undue trauma to the dogs you keep in kennels rather than turn them over to rescues and loving homes.  YOU are the ones causing anti-social behavior because of your misguided edicts.
YOU are the ones denying them a future outside of a kennel.
YOU will be the number one cause of their health problems and their early deaths.
This is a greyhound.  A homed greyhound.  From a rescue.
Isn't the ultimate goal, industry, to get them into their first ever home?  You fail by your actions.


Karyn Zoldan said...


The dog racing industry claims to love their dogs. That's just a damn myth. Let them prove it by giving dogs to adoption groups who have waiting lists that don't bow to their "neutral" status.

If you love something, set it free.

Nancy said...

And there is that "L" word. :-)

They love what money the dogs may bring them, but don't give a rat's ass about the dogs.

UNLESS they can breed them.

CB showed that...

The game they play will backfire tenfold on them.