Sunday, April 13, 2014

27 Years

27 years ago today, April 13, 1987, the machines were turned off.  With only a spark of brain activity, that was no way to live. 

Certainly not for a vibrant, happy, smiling soul with a heart the size of the world.

April 12, the day I was supposed to return to Ohio from Minneapolis after a week visit with Mom and Dad after her surgery.

I woke to a note on the kitchen table from my dad stating he had to take Mom to ER, she was having problems with her arms.  To get my bags packed and he’d run me to the airport.

The return back to Ohio did not happen for quite some time.

And so the nightmare from hell began.

A massive stroke.  On a Sunday with skeleton staff at the hospital.

Burned into my brain are those 2 days. 

Every minute detail I can recall.  Every devastating moment. 

And April 13, 1987, with just a spark of brain activity, the machines were turned off.

Yet, she continued to give after she left.  2 recipients received corneal transplants and 1 was finally off dialysis.

Mama, my biggest supporter, my voice of reason, my shoulder to cry on and my role model to be half of what you are.

I will miss you always and love you forever.

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